By Christina Kelso

Wayne (mach) Hoyle More than 1 year ago
It will be done just in time for the teeming hordes of tourists to arrive so we can extract dalla(s) from them, and the heck with the residents.
GLENN HASTINGS More than 1 year ago
Generally speaking, St Johns County visitors (tourists) have access to the beaches at the hotels/motels and condos they are staying at. That's a relatively a small portion of the beach real estate.  The tax they pay while staying in those accommodations pays for beach clean-up, maintenance, re-nourishment and a whole lot more along all 42 miles of SJC's beaches - not just the areas where they are staying. Most of the trash on our beaches is generated by residents - the primary beneficiaries of beach re-nourishment are beachfront homeowners (residents). Overwhelmingly, the people using Mickler's beach are residents - not tourists.
Jack (sponger) Harvell More than 1 year ago
Generally speaking, the beaches were uncluttered, free and had multiple access points before they were blocked off,and toll plazas were set up, to extract money from residents who didn't own beachfront property, and who were not accommodated by the inadequate beach side parking lots.