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With both print media and online publications, and The St. Augustine Record offers advertisers many solutions to their advertising and promotional needs.

Our advertising consultants will help you establish an effective combination of print and online advertising to reach your target market and generate the business that you need.

Online Advertising is the largest and most popular destination for news and special events in the St. Johns county area. With many flexible solutions available, we can help you develop a strong online advertising initiative.

Print Advertising
Over 270,000 people read the St. Augustine Record every week, making it the largest circulated publication in our market. The Record is St. Augustine's dominate advertising source, bringing advertisers and our reading audience together.

Special Section Advertising
The St. Augustine Record publishes over 45 special sections a year. Each provides excellent opportunity to target your advertising message to a focused market.

Let us help you get the exposure you deserve and need. Contact us today for rate information and to learn how to place your business in the forefront!

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Ad Inquiries:

Vice President of Sales - David Robbins, 904-819-3425,

Advertising Sales Manager - Mark Cox, 904-819-3458,

Media Sales Consultant - Ali Guy, 904-819-3533,

Account Executives
Lisa Stinson, 904-819-3576,

Tiffany Lowe, 904-819-3469,

Laura Kelly, 904-819-3474,

Cheryl Brunk, 904-819-3441,

Kelli Stecher, 904-819-3462,

Advertising and Administrative Assistants
Eric McBride, 904-819-3465,

Melissa Rhinehart, 904-819-3439,

Sales/Service Directory - Kelly Byrnes, 904-819-3438,

Legals/Publisher Assistant - Susie Kelley, 904-819-3423,