Anne Heymen: Some talents we’re lucky to inherit, while others elude us

Sunday is Mother’s Day, and what better day for reflection.

It’s said we inherit traits from our parents and grandparents... Read more

Anne Heymen: Here are a few valuable tips for meeting single guys

In columns of yesteryear I’ve shared tips on how single women can meet men. It seems particularly appropriate since 2016 is a Leap Year and there’... Read more

Anne Heymen: Some thoughts on life's most annoying things

With the arrival of 2016 there are a number of thoughts I’d like to get out of the way while the new year and these ideas are still fresh in my... Read more

Veterans look to link up, have fun

St. Augustine native Robert Timmons has a strong message for men and women dealing with the stress of military combat.

“It’s not worth... Read more

10 Who Make a Difference: Hannah Berman

Ponte Vedra High School senior Hannah Berman lives by the three Ts which her parents taught her: “Time, Talent and Treasure.”... Read more

Anne Heymen: Oh, the trials of recording my favorite TV shows

Going on vacation is no picnic.

Oh, the vacation was fine. What’s difficult is catching up when returning from seven or more glorious days... Read more

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