Carl Hiaasen

Carl Hiaasen: Do Rubio and McCain have the stomach to bump Trump?

This is the stretch of the political season when presidential nominees swoop into key states to appear at rallies with candidates running... Read more

Carl Hiaasen: Gov. Rick Scott's list of how to annihilate Zika in 14 easy steps

Gov. Rick Scott’s War on Zika:

1. Whenever a new Zika case is confirmed in Florida, I will immediately... Read more

Carl Hiaasen: Thanks for keeping us sane, Olympians

The summer Olympics are over, but they might long be remembered as the games that saved America’s sanity.

Not because so... Read more

Carl Hiaasen: Here's what Trump really wanted to say

Rejected first draft of Donald J. Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention:

... Read more

Carl Hiaasen: It happend in Orlando, but could have been Anywhere, USA

When has there been such a burst of sickening headlines from one place? First, the killing of singer Christina Grimmie by an unhinged... Read more

Carl Hiaasen: It's summer, and here comes the slime

The floodgates are open. Here comes the slime.

Grab your paddleboards and kayaks, and run the other way.

... Read more

Carl Hiaasen: Presidential election pits liar against liar

If the delegate forecast holds steady, Americans choosing their next president will pick between two known liars in November.

... Read more

Carl Hiaasen: Gov. Rick Scott: Florida's ambassador for cheap labor and mediocrity

Florida Gov. Rick Scott went to California last week to steal some jobs. Guess how that brilliant idea turned out.

Scott... Read more

Carl Hiaasen: Outside North Carolina bathroons? Gender monitors

North Carolina’s new law aimed at controlling transgender access to public restrooms might seem stupid and unenforceable, but actually that’... Read more

Carl Hiaasen: Free tuition: Bernie, what are you smoking?

Free college for everyone! That’s one of the big bold ideas from Sen. Bernie Sanders, and it always brings a roar at his campaign rallies.... Read more

Carl Hiaasen: Suddenly Cruz seems like a gentleman

Pinch yourself, hard. The unthinkable, the unimaginable, the impossible is happening.

What does this say about our... Read more

Carl Hiaasen: Apple can't crack its own device?

Apple, the cleverest company on the planet, claims it can’t unlock one dead terrorist’s iPhone without exposing all of our phones to malevolent... Read more

Carl Hiaasen: When the applause dies for Jeb

Jeb Bush wryly told a subdued crowd in New Hampshire last week, “Please clap” — a moment that epitomizes his problem.

The pundits call it... Read more

Carl Hiaasen: Firing of FAU professor long overdue

Florida Atlantic University finally canned the despicable James F. Tracy.

After years of embarrassing nut-ball ravings, the associate... Read more

Carl Hiaasen: A Rubio sighting in the Capitol

A strange thing happened the other day in Washington, D.C.: Marco Rubio actually showed up for work.

Without needing Mapquest he found his... Read more

Carl Hiaasen: Cuba has the spirit, but it needs the money

HAVANA — In the oldest part of the city, near the famed Parque Central, stands a building that’s being restored from top to bottom.

The... Read more

Carl Hiaasen: Scott's plan would ruin state parks

Gov. Rick Scott is one boot-step closer to denaturizing Florida’s state parks.

A Senate committee last week voted 7-1 to confirm Jon... Read more

Carl Hiaasen: Dr. Carson and the media vampires

Dr. Ben Carson’s ghostwriter seeks literary guidance:

Dear Ben,

I’m so happy the new book is doing well, and I’m already... Read more

Carl Hiaasen: FBI should probe DCF disgrace

Welcome backward to the Dark Ages, Florida-style.

The term “torture chamber” is outdated, but torture still occurs in Florida’s state... Read more

Carl Hiaasen: Facts AWOL in Corey Jones shooting death

One true and tragic fact about the shooting of Corey Jones is that we’ll never know all the facts. Jones is dead, and the only apparent eyewitness... Read more

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