Christine Rodenbaugh

By Christine Rodenbaugh

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Miniature Golf Association of America proposes international headquarters at World Golf Village

Few in America think of miniature golf as a competitive sport. In the 1950s, putting courses were often adjacent to bowling alleys and... Read more

3 Creekside seniors qualify as National Merit Semifinalists

Standardized tests are more than a reflection of a student’s cumulative educational experience. High scores can yield scholarship... Read more

Letter: Redistricting '101'

Redistricting ‘101’

Editor: Pardon my ignorance, but how was redrawing the congressional map initiated?... Read more

World Golf Village celebrated Independence Day early with fireworks display

The World Golf Village boasts the largest IMAX movie screen in northeast Florida and, on July 3, presents one of the largest fireworks... Read more

Are you ready to Celebrate 450?

July in Florida is hot. If you’re looking for something to do after your early morning round of golf or tennis match, consider an afternoon in... Read more

Letter: Create incentives for employers to hire people

Editor: At the beginning of the year, Jan. 29, 2010, Kevin Turner posted an article on The Florida Times-Union site titled "Florida's unemployment... Read more

Letter: Health costs are all wrong

Editor: Over the past 10 years, our family of three has spent nearly $77,000 for health insurance. Our son is grown and has his own insurance.... Read more

City parking fine ruined fun day

Editor: I was involved in a "Worldwide Photowalk" over the weekend. All over the Earth, 32,000 people joined in groups of 50 and shot photos of... Read more

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