FACT CHECK: Trump starts on familiar note: with exaggeration

EDITOR’S NOTE: A look at the veracity of claims by political figures

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U.S. businesses add a modest 153,000 jobs in December

WASHINGTON | U.S. companies reported a modest gain of 153,000 jobs last month, all in service industries such as retail and health care. The report provided the latest evidence of the economy’s transition away from manufacturing and other blue-collar work.

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In job growth, blue states outpaced red states in past year

WASHINGTON | States that voted for Hillary Clinton in last week’s presidential election reported stronger job growth in the previous year than states that supported Donald Trump, according to data released by the Labor Department Friday.

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Unemployment falls in key swing states

WASHINGTON — Unemployment rates in U.S. presidential swing states, including Florida and North Carolina, mostly fell in August compared... Read more

US factory activity shrinks for first time in 6 months

WASHINGTON — U.S. manufacturing contracted last month for the first time since February, as new orders and output plummeted and... Read more

U.S. hiring slows in August

WASHINGTON — U.S. employers slowed their hiring in August after two blockbuster months and barely raised their workers’ pay, a pullback... Read more

Jobless aid applications up last week

WASHINGTON — More Americans sought unemployment aid last week, but the number of applications was still at a low level that suggested... Read more

Applications for jobless aid fall, a sign of low layoffs

WASHINGTON — Fewer people sought U.S. unemployment benefits last week, the Labor Department said Thursday, evidence that employers are... Read more

Unemployment rates are far below US level in 16 states

WASHINGTON — Unemployment rates have fallen to very low levels in a third of U.S. states, a trend that may push up wages in those areas... Read more

Rising home prices lift US wealth, even as stocks fall

WASHINGTON — Americans’ household wealth rose in the first three months of this year as home values increased,... Read more

Q&A: How new US overtime rules could help or hurt employees

WASHINGTON — More pay? Or just fewer work hours?

The new overtime rule the Obama administration issued Wednesday... Read more

Job-seekers return at fastest pace since before recession

WASHINGTON — Americans are flooding back into the job market at the fastest pace since before the Great Recession, encouraged by steady... Read more

Another month of solid US hiring clears way for Fed hike

WASHINGTON — If the Federal Reserve needed any final evidence that the economy is ready for higher interest rates, it got it on Friday.

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Black Friday store sales fall as Americans buy more online

WASHINGTON — Black Friday shopping is shifting from hours spent in line to more time online.

Sales at retail stores on Black Friday fell... Read more

US budget gap at $439 billion, lowest in 8 years

The U.S. budget deficit in 2015 fell to its lowest level in eight years, spurred by gains in tax revenue that outpaced greater government... Read more

Apart from low unemployment, just how healthy is job market?

WASHINGTON — The U.S. unemployment rate — now just 5.1 percent — grabs a lot of the attention each month when the government issues its jobs... Read more

US new-home sales surge 5.7 percent in August to 7-year high

WASHINGTON — Buoyed by steady job gains and low mortgage rates, Americans purchased new homes in August at the fastest pace in more than seven... Read more

US services firms expand rapidly, lifted by strong sales

WASHINGTON — U.S. services companies expanded at a healthy pace in August, lifted by robust consumer spending resulting from steady job gains... Read more

US paychecks grow at record-slow pace in 2nd quarter

WASHINGTON — U.S. wages and benefits grew in the spring at the slowest pace in 33 years, stark evidence that stronger hiring isn’t lifting... Read more

Applications for US jobless aid fall to low level of 281,000

WASHINGTON — Fewer people sought U.S. unemployment benefits last week as employers remain confident enough in the economy to hold onto their... Read more

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