Fox apologizes for inaccurate Hillary Clinton report

NEW YORK | Fox News Channel apologized Friday for an inaccurate report this week that Hillary Clinton would likely be indicted as a result of an investigation by the FBI into the Clinton Foundation.

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Fox News makes changes at top

NEW YORK — Fox News Channel founder Rupert Murdoch on Friday appointed two longtime Fox executives as the new co-presidents of the news... Read more

Technology gives bracing immediacy to police shooting story

NEW YORK — A live, online piece of footage of a dying man brought a shocking new immediacy Thursday to the issue that gave birth to the... Read more

Media use in America up a full hour over just last year

NEW YORK — The typical American adult is using media for a full hour a day more than just last year, with smartphones accounting for... Read more

'Small handful' of NBC employees opt out of Olympics

NEW YORK — Savannah Guthrie of the “Today” show put a public face Tuesday on what NBC says is a “small handful” of employees who will... Read more

NEW YORK — It’s only April and already 2016 is a terrible year for music.

That’s not to slight Kendrick Lamar,... Read more

Study: Fox, CNN spent more time on GOP candidates

NEW YORK — Anyone who used Fox News Channel’s prime-time lineup as their main source of campaign news over the past month may be... Read more

Breitbart reporter involved in Donald Trump incident resigns

NEW YORK — The Breitbart News reporter who said she was roughed up last week at a Donald Trump news conference has resigned from the... Read more

Dolly Parton movie a hit for NBC

NEW YORK — Family-friendly programming is doing well this holiday season for NBC, which has a rare three-week winning streak in the television... Read more

Fox News chief: Donald Trump owes Megyn Kelly an apology

NEW YORK — Fox News chief Roger Ailes said Tuesday that Donald Trump owes the network’s Megyn Kelly an apology for an unprovoked Twitter... Read more

Debate shatters Fox News ratings record, Trump feels heat

NEW YORK — Donald Trump always boasted about his ratings for “Celebrity Apprentice.” Now he can say the same thing about his first presidential... Read more

Warriors-Cavaliers series biggest on TV since MJ's sixth championship

NEW YORK — The showdown between Stephen Curry and LeBron James proved to be the most popular NBA Finals on television since Michael Jordon was... Read more

CBS' Dickerson prepares for 'Face the Nation' debut

NEW YORK — For his first week as moderator of CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday, John Dickerson has no intention of playing around with a... Read more

Lifetime deciding fate of Will Ferrell movie

NEW YORK — The fate of a Lifetime TV movie featuring Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig remained unclear on Friday after the project’s planned... Read more

NBC brings back former news president

NEW YORK — NBC has changed the leadership of its troubled news division by bringing back the executive who led the network out of a dark period... Read more

Social media has positives, pitfalls for actors, producers

PASADENA, Calif. — Social media is giving television stars and creators a more direct relationship with fans and, as actor Joseph Morgan of... Read more

TV Land, NBC latest to pull back from Cosby

NEW YORK — NBC has scrapped a Bill Cosby comedy that was under development and TV Land will stop airing reruns of “The Cosby Show,” moves that... Read more

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