Scott, Bondi give it their all for Trump in RNC speeches

The Islamic State needs to be “wiped off the face of the Earth,” the economy is languishing, Hillary Clinton will endanger Second... Read more

Florida leaders reluctant to join transgender bathroom battle

TALLAHASSEE — Where transgender individuals go to the bathroom has become the latest battle in America’s social-issue wars, but so far... Read more

Gov. Scott signs into law bill stripping Planned Parenthood of public funds

TALLAHASSEE — Abortion clinics throughout Florida will go without taxpayer funds, face increased reporting requirements and new hurdles... Read more

Legislature considers revising death penalty rule to require unanimous jury vote

TALLAHASSEE — With the lowest threshold in the nation for imposing death sentences, Florida juries are sentencing prisoners to death faster... Read more

Lawmakers struggle with Ubers, Airbnbs of the world

TALLAHASSEE — The cost of hailing a ride with your cellphone or booking a private-home room for the night could rise under bills pending in... Read more

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