Florida scientists fear hurricane forecasts, climate research will suffer under Trump

MIAMI | A growing chorus of scientists is raising the alarm over reports of Trump administration budgets cuts that would affect climate change research and hurricane forecasting.

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Is Florida moving too slow to save the Everglades?

FLORIDA CITY | Zooming over the vast Everglades in a helicopter, it’s easy to see how much work is being done to revive the wilted watershed:

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April has been deadliest month ever for endangered Florida panthers, with 9 killed

MIAMI — This April will go down as the bloodiest month yet for the Florida panther.

Nine of the endangered cats died... Read more

State approval of FPL nuclear project overturned

TALLAHASSEE — A Florida appeals court on Wednesday found Gov. Rick Scott and his Cabinet erred in approving two massive Florida Power... Read more

Genetically modified mosquitoes clear key hurdle for test

The release of genetically modified mosquitoes in the Florida Keys cleared a significant hurdle Friday when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration... Read more

Tropical Storm Danny forms in the Atlantic

A storm brewing in the eastern Atlantic became the fourth named storm of the 2015 hurricane season and could become a hurricane by Thursday,... Read more

Florida's hurricane lucky streak reaches 9 years

MIAMI — The 2014 Atlantic hurricane season, which ended Sunday, extended Florida’s increasingly remarkable run: For the ninth straight year,... Read more

'Citizen scientist' finds rare bat roost

CORAL GABLES — Weeks of searching for a roost for the rare Florida bonneted bat around a Coral Gables golf course, with scores of volunteers... Read more

Wal-mart planned for endangered forest lands in South Florida

One of the world’s rarest forests, a section of Miami-Dade County’s last intact tracts of endangered pine rockland, is getting a new resident... Read more

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