The Art Studio

With more than 100 members, The Art Studio, located on A1A, got its start in 2010 when a group of local artists wanted a place to create... Read more

There’s only one thing that’s better than live music, and that’s free live music. The Sing Out Loud Festival’s free Main Showcase is at... Read more

Inspired by everything from the Bauhaus movement to Mexican folk art to the birth of her son, local artist Susanna Richter Helman... Read more

American rockers Goo Goo Dolls found commercial success in the mid-90s with tunes like “Iris,” “Name” and “Naked.” Now, the group has... Read more

Sharon Goldman's art reflects the world around her

From a child swinging to a docked Mayport fishing boat, Sharon Goldman’s art is a representation of the world around her. ... Read more

Godspell main

D escribed as a laid-back and soulful retelling of the gospel according to St. Matthew, “Godspell” will be... Read more

Hope Barton

Inspired by Florida landscapes, Hope Barton’s art is both accessible and technical.

Born in Colorado, raised in... Read more

If you are a product of the ‘80s — as I am — then you most likely grew up with your mom playing Wilson Phillips’ 1990 tune, “Hold On,”... Read more

Local musician, professor opens for Ellis Paul

Local singer/songwriter, guitarist and occasional ukulele player, Donny Brazile will be opening for folk musician, Ellis Paul, tonight at... Read more

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