Frost brings out the red in your landscape

This week, I saw the first patches of frost of the winter season. If you are someone who enjoys the chill of winter, you may like to observe a change of color in your wintertime landscape.

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Keith Fuller: Post hurricane tips for yard and lawn cleanup

Now that Hurricane Matthew has passed, it is time to evaluate and correct any damage left in its wake.

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Keith Fuller: It's a good time to fertilize your lawn

Most properties in and around St. Augustine received a good soaking this week. Many plants will respond to this by putting on a late round... Read more

Keith Fuller: Like humans, plants benefit from milder temperatures/less humidity

With Labor Day on the way, the unofficial end of summer is upon us. Many of you are looking forward to the end of summer because it brings... Read more

Keith Fuller: Hot July draws lawn damaging chinch bugs

We just made it through the hottest July ever recorded. The warm temperatures along with the lack of rain provides favorable conditions for... Read more

Keith Fuller: Save on water and fertilizer with a hybrid lawn

The building boom in the county appears to be on again. You may not see it in town, but if you drive to the northern part of the county,... Read more

Keith Fuller: Container eggplant varietal small in size but big on taste

I recently found some vegetable varieties that I think anyone who likes to grow in containers should try.

While these... Read more

Keith Fuller: Plant the right flowers to attract the pollinators you want

When we think of pollinating insects, generally, bees, wasps and butterflies come to mind.

All of these are nectar eaters... Read more

Keith Fuller: Tropical storm 'dry run' for hurricane season

Tropical Storm Colin provided us with a good dress rehearsal for the 2016 hurricane season.

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Keith Fuller: Celebrate community pride during National Gardening Week

There’s a pop song that says, ‘Celebrate good times, come on!’ Today, you are invited to come on over to the open house at the St. Augustine... Read more

Keith Fuller: Shade trees can take 25 degrees off sultry summer temperatures

For the past several years, each year has been warmer than the last.

This upward trend in temperatures can make our... Read more

Keith Fuller: Conservation areas provide opportunities to explore nature

Gardeners usually have an appreciation of nature. They often find observing flora and fauna an enjoyable pastime. If you have time to get... Read more

Keith Fuller: Fruit crops make tasty potted plants for the deck

Many people enjoy potted plants on the patio or deck. While some favor tropical foliage plants, another consideration could be fruit crops... Read more

Keith Fuller: To produce more flowers, know when to trim

The other day I was observing a hibiscus in my yard that had a few flowers on it already.

Obviously, it was not winter... Read more

Keith Fuller: Residents killing grass with kindness

In many local lawns, you can see wildflowers such as fleabane, toad flax, sour grass and Dutch white clover blooming. These are beneficial... Read more

Fuller: Tips for surviving allergy season

Like me, many people I have encountered recently are suffering from allergies. As a gardener, one wants to be outdoors during the moderate weather... Read more

Keith Fuller: If you can't recycle, repurpose

This week I heard a news story about a legislator who was proposing a bill to curb the use of Styrofoam in Florida. Some counties already have... Read more

Keith Fuller: Trending now: Edible weeks found in your yard

Most local lawns are still in a semi-dormant state, but cool-season weeds are actively growing. If you’re mowing your lawn, it is most likely to... Read more

Keith Fuller: Fruit trees need to chill

I have noticed packaged bare root plants arriving at local garden centers. Many deciduous fruit trees, such as peaches, apples and plums are... Read more

Fuller: Crape murders on the rise in winter

Statistically, “crape murder” rates go up at this time of year.

Crape murder is when the crapemyrtle tree is topped, leaving large branch... Read more

Keith Fuller: Don't be too hasty to clip frost-damaged plants

While most of the county did not receive freezing temperatures this week, there was enough widespread frost to damage some tender plants. Do not... Read more

Keith Fuller: Plant trees now for heat relief in summer

In 2015, almost every month hit record high temperatures. When temperatures are high, it is time to head for the shade.

Unfortunately,... Read more

Keith Fuller: Mild winter means plenty of garden pests in spring

The winter has been mild so far. Most weather predictions are for temperatures to remain above normal. This is great for the tourists, but what... Read more

Keith Fuller: Powerhouse produce makes New Year's diet resolutions obtainable

In a few weeks, once the indulgences and festivities of the holidays catch up to us, many will be making New Year’s resolutions to be healthy and... Read more

Help for citrus greening is on the way

Agriculture is one of Florida’s largest industries and a large portion of that, $10.7 billion, comes from citrus production. For the last decade,... Read more

Keith Fuller: Increasing populations call for scientific solutions

In the 1990s, while trying to produce a petunia with a deep purple color by using a pigment-producing gene, scientists were surprised that instead... Read more

Keith Fuller: Recycling leaves saves money/reduces waste

The autumn leaves outside the window pane are beginning to fall. Plan to use these leaves to enrich the soil and provide nutrients to your... Read more

Keith Fuller: Farm tour provides opportunity to see where your food comes from

If you are looking for something to do tomorrow, plan to participate in Slow Foods First Coast Tour de Farm.

While getting out to enjoy the... Read more

Keith Fuller: Magical plants protect from Halloween's evil spirits

Ghosts and goblins will abound this night. You may want to gather some protective plants from your yard to secure you from these evil spirits.... Read more

Keith Fuller: Prepare for a wet winter

You might be busy with Halloween celebrations next Saturday night, so you may forget about daylight saving time ending.

With the end of... Read more

Keith Fuller: Learn where your food comes from during Tour de Farm

Many have been enjoying the cooler less humid weather and are looking for outdoor activities. If you are such an individual, mark Nov. 15 on your... Read more

Keith Fuller: Plant for mockingbirds and you'll have music year round

It seems every time I am outdoors I can hear the twill of a mockingbird. It is nice to receive a personal serenade when working outdoors. You may... Read more

Keith Fuller: Apply fertilizer before first freeze

September is the last month of the year when most will place fertilizer in the landscape. This year, Florida statutes were changed to say that in... Read more

Prune poinsettias now for winter blooms

Many of you may still have a poinsettia plant left from a prior holiday season that you would like to see flower again.

Now is the time... Read more

Keith Fuller: Plant sunflowers now for autumn centerpieces

Fall decorations are in the stores, but if you want to grow a live symbol for autumn celebrations consider planting some sunflowers. Traditionally... Read more

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