Florida state senator, now resigned, had Playboy and Hooters models on political payroll

TALLAHASSEE | Just months before his resignation Friday, Florida state Sen. Frank Artiles unseated Democrat Dwight Bullard with an aggressive $1 million campaign in a district that favored Democrats.

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Deal emerges to trade stagnant gaming permits for slots

Florida lawmakers have inched closer to renewing a 20-year, multi-million dollar gaming compact with the Seminole Tribe of Florida by allowing owners of declining parimutuels to sell their permits to others who want to install slot machines at newer facilities outside of South Florida.

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Republican lawmakers have big plans for Florida’s unique process to revise Constitution

For the first time in 20 years, Florida embarks on a constitutionally mandated update of the state Constitution next year and, if Florida’s top Republican officials have their way, they will use the process to overturn the most controversial rulings of the state’s high court — on education spending, private school vouchers and political redistricting.

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Firefighters withdraw their endorsement of Amendment 1

Proponents of Amendment 1 lost a crucial supporter Friday as the union representing the state’s professional firefighters withdrew their endorsement of the utility-backed amendment and demanded that the political committee pull its television ads featuring firefighters.

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Scott picks veteran of Tampa water wars as utility commissioner

A water utilities veteran who has spent a career navigating the water wars of Tampa Bay was named Florida’s next public service... Read more

There's no fun these days in Florida's political parties

This summer may be remembered not only for a blue moon and the welcome end to a bitter presidential primary, it may also mark the time... Read more

Florida Senate redistricting trial ends as judge weighs options

After eight rulings by the Florida Supreme Court and an admission of guilt by legislators, the Senate redistricting trial ended Thursday with a... Read more

Senate redistricting chief testifies he didn't know map favors Republicans

The head of the Senate redistricting committee testified Wednesday that he had no idea the map he submitted to the court gave Republicans a... Read more

No nativity scene at Florida Capitol this Christmas

After erecting a Nativity scene in the rotunda of the state Capitol for the past two years — and prompting protest displays from Satanic cults... Read more

GOP lawmaker proposes to open solar market in Florida

State Rep. Fred Costello is having his Ormond Beach home fitted with solar panels. He has invested in a company that is seeking a patent on new... Read more

Florida legislators propose increasing term limits

Is eight years enough?

For Hialeah Sen. Rene Garcia, a Republican, and West Palm Beach Rep. Mark Pafford, a Democrat, the answer is “no” —... Read more

Gov. Scott to pay $700,000 to end public records lawsuit

TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Rick Scott has agreed to spend $700,000 in taxpayer money to settle seven public records lawsuits alleging he and several... Read more

Senate leader uses powerful post to focus on special needs kids

TALLAHASSEE — As Andy and Camille Gardiner drove home from the hospital with their newborn son Andrew, relatives crowded into their Winter Park... Read more

Independent oversight board could overhaul Florida prison system

TALLAHASSEE — Florida’s prison system would undergo a historic overhaul that would require the troubled agency to report to an independent... Read more

Prison chief says 'gag order' intended to fix problems

TALLAHASSEE — Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Julie Jones defended her recently imposed “confidentiality agreement” on prison... Read more

House budget committee passes - with reservations - medical pot bill

TALLAHASSEE — After vigorous questioning about the potential misuse of non-regulated marijuana, the House Appropriations Committee unanimously... Read more

TALLAHASSEE — Hope came Thursday for families whose children suffer from epileptic seizures, as the chairman of a key legislative committee agreed... Read more

Gov. Rick Scott's courtesy notes double as campaign promotion

TALLAHASSEE — Call him Governor Congratulations.

For the last year, Gov. Rick Scott has asked for the names and addresses of lottery winners... Read more

Legislative leaders rewarded high-performing staff with salary hikes

TALLAHASSEE — When Florida legislators this year broke the freeze on employee pay and offered state workers salary increases for the first time in... Read more

Gov. Scott approves no-bid Glades deal

TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Cabinet unanimously approved the request of two agriculture companies Wednesday to allow them to... Read more

State pension reform expected

TALLAHASSEE -- Teachers, police and even legislators could start seeing -- for the first time ever -- a chunk of their paycheck going into their... Read more

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