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Discovery believed to be oldest fossil found

Scientists have found what they think is the oldest fossil on Earth, a remnant of life from 3.7 billion years ago when Earth’s skies... Read more

Scientists find planet like Earth next door

WASHINGTON — After scanning the vast reaches of the cosmos for Earth-like planets where life might exist, astronomers have found one right... Read more

Delay those New Year's plans: 2016 is getting a leap second

WASHINGTON — Already a leap year, 2016 will drag on a bit longer. International timekeepers are adding a leap second at year’s end.... Read more

Why did Patricia become a monster so quickly?

WASHINGTON — Hurricane Patricia zoomed from tropical storm to record-beater in 30 hours flat like a jet-fueled sports car.

Why? The... Read more

NOAA: Thanks to El Nino, the US looks pretty wet this winter

NOAA: Thanks to El Nino, the US looks pretty wet this winter


AP Science Writer

WASHINGTON — El Nino this... Read more

Major solar storm hits Earth, may pull northern lights south

WASHINGTON — A severe solar storm smacked Earth with a surprisingly big geomagnetic jolt Tuesday, potentially affecting power grids and GPS... Read more

Study: Conservatives say they're happy, liberals show it

WASHINGTON — Conservatives say they are happier, but liberals show more cheer in smiles, word choice and even emoticon use, claims a new... Read more

Should we call the cosmos seeking ET? Or is that risky?

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Astronomers have their own version of the single person's dilemma: Do you wait by the phone for a call from that certain... Read more

NOAA: Yet more global heat records fall in August

WASHINGTON — The globe smashed more heat records last month, including Earth’s hottest August and summer, federal meteorologists said Thursday... Read more

Fed budget comes to $3M per word

WASHINGTON — Talk about words more costly than gold.

The giant federal budget bill that the House passed Wednesday, Senate passed late... Read more

Study: 8.8 billion Earth-size, just-right planets

WASHINGTON — Space is vast, but it may not be so lonely after all: A study finds the Milky Way is teeming with billions of planets that are... Read more

Applause in Mission Control at shuttle's end

HOUSTON -- There was no crying in Mission Control.

In fact, it took awhile before any signs of emotion from the steely engineers of that... Read more

U.S. Rep. Giffords picks wake-up song for shuttle

CAPE CANAVERAL (AP) -- After a poignant wake-up song requested by wounded U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords for her astronaut husband, Endeavour and... Read more

Endeavour ready to go

CAPE CANAVERAL -- With wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords on hand to watch, the space shuttle Endeavour is poised to give the work week a roaring and... Read more

Senators question NASA chief

WASHINGTON -- NASA needs to go somewhere specific, not just talk about it, skeptical U.S. senators told the space agency chief Wednesday.

... Read more

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