Steve Cottrell: Of former mayors, and giving a damn

A tip of my Irish cap to former St. Augustine mayor George Gardner for helping jumpstart the Nov. 8 city commission election by asking each... Read more

Steve Cottrell: It's true: One vote can make a difference

Tomorrow will be a day of unbridled joy for some and inconsolable disappointment for others.

There’s nothing quite like... Read more

Public Occurrence: City talks bed taxes and freedom chimes

Glad to see the St. Augustine City Commission willing to take a look at possibly obtaining some bed tax funds for city coffers rather than... Read more

Public Occurrences: Thoughts on election season

Hope you read The Record’s June 25 edition. It listed all city, county and special district candidates who have... Read more

Steve Cottrell: Alexander Rossi's inspiring insight

A few days ago I planned to use this space to write about St. Augustine’s Citizens Advisory Mobility Task Force. The selection process was... Read more

Steve Cottrell: Suggestions from a wannabe matchmaker

Matchmaking can be a shaky, risky undertaking, fraught with worries about hoped-for bliss. But despite the inherent risks and uncertainty,... Read more

Steve Cottrell - Public occurrences: St. Augustine still stifles public input

Every so often a public official says something that pleasantly surprises me, and that was certainly the case when Commissioner Nancy Sikes-... Read more

Steve Cottrell: New top cop good for the city

The decision to name Barry Fox the next St. Augustine Police Chief makes a lot of sense. He has the management experience, knows every nook... Read more

Steve Cottrell: A problem at the precinct

Two weeks ago, we suggested that the St. Augustine City Commission fails to meet the essential requirements of the Florida Sunshine Law when... Read more

Public Occurrences: Who sets policy at city hall?

How many times have you read news articles that include the phrase, “The city supports ... ” or, “The city has agreed to ... ” and wondered... Read more

Steve Cottrell: 54 slots, 54 shots at elected service

In the years following the Civil War, (or the War for Southern Independence, if you prefer), a political movement gained considerable strength in... Read more

Steve Cottrell: Should the city get a cut of bed tax dollars?

In the Jan. 4 edition of The Record, reporter Jake Martin’s article about holiday tourism included a quote from a person who said the St... Read more

Steve Cottrell: Death of Dr. Hayling brings sad end to 2015

A dark cloud passed over St. Augustine a few days before Christmas when it was announced that Dr. Robert Hayling had died. I didn’t know him... Read more

Steve Cottrell: Reader feedback caught my attention

It is not unusual to get feedback from readers — always appreciated, good or bad — but a response to my Nov. 30 column certainly caught my... Read more

Steve Cottrell: City boards should include 'average Joes'

Have you ever wanted to serve on a St. Augustine city advisory board but your background and experience didn’t match the requirements for... Read more

Steve Cottrell: Considering a run at public office?

The ½-cent sales tax debate will be settled tomorrow, but another local election is fast approaching. When the 2016 primary election does arrive,... Read more

Steve Cottrell: Our schools need support Nov. 3

Maybe you’ve heard the one about the kid who wanted a hundred bucks but his dad wouldn’t give it to him?

Seems the youngster wanted to buy... Read more

Steve Cottrell: When does free speech become disruptive behavoir?

For political wonks like myself, watching public meetings broadcast on government television stations often provides lively (and commercial-free)... Read more

Steve Cottrell: When will local tourism find its angle of repose?

As dust settles from the recent 450th celebration, this might be a good time to discuss the future of tourism and special events.

Triggered... Read more

Steve Cottrell: How long does it take to become a local?

Based on feedback from readers of this semi-monthly column, some folks apparently think I’m a tool of developers, trying to instill my Orange... Read more

Steve Cottrell: Server tip credits need to go away

Minimum wage in Florida is $8.05 an hour, but you might be surprised to learn that most tipped employees in this state are paid only $5.03 an hour... Read more

Why do we continue to elect a ceremonial mayor in St. Augustine?

In the interest of full disclosure, I did not support either Joe Boles or Nancy Shaver in the 2014 Primary Election. My preference was Ken... Read more

Letter: Why no raises for substitute teachers?

Editor: According to a report in The Record, deputy superintendent Tim Forson claimed the recent negotiation for increased... Read more

Letter: There's a refreshing new attitude at City Hall

Editor: It was with great interest that I watched the July 9 City Commission meeting on cable television. I was encouraged by commissioners who... Read more

Letter: Local boards should allow public to speak at meetings

Editor: A recent Record editorial supported adoption of a proposed state law guaranteeing greater public participation at meetings of local boards... Read more

Guest column: County should seek bed tax increase, not more sales tax

It appears we will soon be given an opportunity to vote for a possible one percent sales tax increase resulting in an additional $19 million... Read more

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