Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox agrees to buy Europe’s Sky

NEW YORK | Rupert Murdoch may get all of European broadcaster Sky after all after the U.K. phone-hacking scandal scotched a previous effort.

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Gawker website to be taken down, out

NEW YORK — Gawker.com, the brash New York website that broke new ground with its gossipy, no-holds-barred coverage of media, culture and politics... Read more

Pew: Fewer people using home broadband, say it's too costly; more relying on smartphones only

NEW YORK — More Americans are shunning costly home broadband and using their cellphones to get online, a new survey shows.

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Buffett, Gates tell students worst is behind us

NEW YORK -- Capitalism is still alive and well, say the world's two richest men, despite lingering shocks from the longest, deepest recession... Read more

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