Victor Davis Hanson

Appeasement: A hard rain's going to fall

This summer, President Obama was often golfing. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were promising to let the world be. The end of summer... Read more

Victor Davis Hanson: The legacies of Barack Obama

On his recent Asian tour, President Obama characterized his fellow Americans (the most productive workers in the world) as “lazy.”... Read more

Victor Davis Hanson: The more things change, the more thay stay the same

In today’s technically sophisticated and globally connected world, we assume life has been completely reinvented. In truth, it has not... Read more

Victor Davis Hanson: Diversity: History's path to chaos

Emphasizing diversity has been the pitfall, not the strength, of nations throughout history.

The Roman Empire worked as... Read more

Victor Davis Hanson: Obama's Muslim dream now a nightmare

When President Obama entered office, he dreamed that his hope-and-change messaging and his references to his familial Islamic roots would... Read more

Victor Davis Hanson: Enemies see America as vulnerable prey

Here is a sampling of some recent news abroad:

A Russian guard attacked a U.S. diplomatic official at the door to the... Read more

Victor Davis Hanson: Will California ever thrive again?

There was more of the same old, same old California news recently. Some 62 percent of state roads have been rated poor or mediocre. There... Read more

Victor Davis Hanson: Elitists creating populist monsters

Following the Brexit, Europe may witness even more plebiscites against the undemocratic European Union throughout the continent.... Read more

Victor Davis Hanson: Ideologues make for dangerous politicians

Hillary Clinton is a seasoned liberal politician, but one with few core beliefs. Her positions on subjects such as gay marriage, free-trade... Read more

Victor Davis Hanson: Politics, not personalities will determine the presidential election

At first glance, 2016 sizes up as no other election year in American history.

For more than 30 years, both Hillary... Read more

Victor Davis Hanson: America: History's cultural exception

The history of nations is mostly characterized by ethnic and racial uniformity, not diversity.

Most national boundaries... Read more

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