Posted November 17, 2016 11:51 am - Updated November 21, 2016 11:47 am

NE Florida Schools Improve Scores with Technology

Concurrent with recent news of record graduation rates nationally, high school graduation rates are also up Florida. One behind-the-scenes factor in graduation rates is technology usage in the classroom. Seventeen northeast Florida schools now use a Florida-specific curriculum and test prep tool to prepare students for tests. Among other elements, the platform’s online games can be played by students once they complete assigned practice. This has resulted in even further increases in scores on practice assignments.

Jeffrey Ross from Cypress Palm Middle School says, “In one week my students scores improved double digits. USATestprep is an amazing resource..."

In short:

●      322 schools statewide in FL and 1.8 million students and teachers nationwide also use this test prep technology (USATestprep) to prepare for high-stakes tests.

●      Students gain 1-2 semester’s growth in performance with USATestprep’s web technology.

●      With over 4,100 schools in Florida alone, test prep technology can make a major impact on education.

●      Florida schools can access resources on the platform that align to Florida’s FSA and PERT tests.

Dorothy Moore from Lemon Bay High School concurs with Mr Ross, “I love the immediate visual feedback students receive. Also, I like being able to show students how to assign their own specific skills practice activities. The students enjoy the games, even though they end up having to work hard to be able to participate in them.”

A former teacher himself, USATestprep’s co-founder, Joe Winterscheidt, said, “The improvement in graduation rates nationwide is something we can all celebrate.  Students are performing at higher levels, even as the bar has been raised with a focus on both content and skill-based standards.  USATestprep stays on top of these changing trends and provides high quality, standards-aligned resources that have helped play a small, but important, role in these improvements.”