Butterfield Garage art gallery was devastated by Hurricane Matthew, 2 local businesses pitch in to help the gallery's artists persevere

On Oct. 7, Hurricane Matthew flooded Butterfield Garage Art Gallery. The gallery was a hub for several artists during First Friday Art Walk, offering new monthly exhibits and free parking. The gallery’s artists have been displaced and are clamoring to find space to hang their work.

City Wellness and Tim’s Wine Market have come together to offer Butterfield Garage artists an opportunity to display their works during First Friday Art Walk this Friday, Dec 2.

The exhibit, titled “Perseverance,” will last through December, and is the first time that many of these artists have been able to show their work since the hurricane.

Many of the artists will be at City Wellness and Tim’s Wine Market during First Friday Art Walk. A wine tasting and an artist reception is at 5 p.m. at Tim’s Wine Market with an invitation to refreshments at City Wellness.

For information, call 461-0059.



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