Middle school cheer team raises more than $3K for St. Johns County elementary schools



When most people think of cheerleaders, they envision happy, smiling girls sporting big bows in their hair.

For the Gamble Rogers Middle School Cheer Team, however, cheerleading is much more than that.

Although raising school spirit remains an integral part of their cheer program, these girls also believe in community service.

The Gamble Rogers Middle School Cheer Team recently participated in a “Readers are Leaders” fundraising effort in which they raised $1,625 for Otis Mason Elementary and $1,600 for W.D. Hartley Elementary in magazine subscriptions and eBooks.

From the cheerleaders’ efforts, the total combined donation to these elementary schools is $3,225.

The Gamble Rogers Middle School Cheer Team Squad is comprised of students Kendall Lease, Elianna Ramirez, Sage McMahon, Olivia Meadows, Alyssa Semmelman, Shelby Creter, Zoe Malota, Alexa Walcott, Morgan Merchant, Kaylee Marks, Julia Roy, Shelbi Baker, Kari Spilling, Anna Brownworth, Sophia Adams and Kiali Olivier. The squad’s assistant coach is Cari Semmelman, and the head coach is Jenn Plappert.