Ask a master

ask a master


Q. What would be chewing the leaves of my banana plant? I do not seem able to find the culprit.

A. Caterpillars or grasshoppers would be the likely candidates at this time of year. Since caterpillars are slow moving and you cannot find one, I would suspect a grasshopper.

Q. I am finding a very white fuzzy looking bug that is about one-quarter inch on my tomato plant and some of the leaves are missing. What can I do about this?

A. The white insect is probably a mealy bug, but it is a sucking insect and would not be consuming foliage. They can be picked off or dislodged using a cotton swab. The leaf loss would be due to a chewing insect such as a caterpillar that may be coming out at night and that is why you do not notice it in the daytime.

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