Otters are bold, happy-go-lucky waterway pranksters

The river otter is a semi-aquatic, sleek, long-bodied mammal that specializes in hunting prey in the water.

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Garden notes

Green industry training

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Frost brings out the red in your landscape

This week, I saw the first patches of frost of the winter season. If you are someone who enjoys the chill of winter, you may like to observe a change of color in your wintertime landscape.

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Keith Fuller: Post hurricane tips for yard and lawn cleanup

Now that Hurricane Matthew has passed, it is time to evaluate and correct any damage left in its wake.

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Storms can be tough on wildlife too

Now that we’re under the effects of Hurricane Matthew, whether directly or glancing offshore in the ocean, have you ever thought about what happens to wildlife during hurricanes and other storms?

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Datils rule the roost


People grow it, it ignites the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity runs rampant cooking it. It’s almost a local hero. Yet,... Read more

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 20:18

Register for naturalist class

Register for naturalist class

The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences will offer a Master... Read more

Built-ins, wall pockets can add warmth, natural elements to home


Imagine stepping into a bathtub, and instead of bathroom tiles lining the wall next to you, there’s a fresh vertical garden,... Read more

Mike Adams: September through October is sea turtle hatching season on our beaches

September and October are the last months of our coastal sea turtle nesting season. After up to two months of incubation in a subsurface... Read more

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