Memorial Presbyterian bids farewell to interim pastor

Karen Harvey



Memorial Presbyterian Church said goodbye to interim minister, the Rev. Craig Davies, this month.

Davies served as interim minister from May 2016 until the appointment of the Rev. Hunter Camp on June 25.

When he arrived, Davies said his job was to “help the congregation adjust to the loss of a leader and prepare for the incoming pastor.”

Davies did more than that, according to the congregation.

A tablet presented to the minister at a farewell party June 11th said, “With full hearts we count our blessings to have you as a part of our church. We honor you for the leadership you provided and for your excellent preaching.”

Although “excellent preaching” is not a requirement for an interim minister, Craig went over the top bringing the congregation to its feet after a rousing Memorial Day sermon.

Also inscribed on the glass plaque are words from a poem he recited in his farewell sermon. The message in the poem was a reminder of God’s promises to mankind.

The congregation looks forward to the future with Senior Pastor Hunter Camp, but Craig and Marcia Davies, who live in Jacksonville, will occasionally visit.

Memorial Presbyterian Church, 32 Sevilla St., holds Sunday school classes at 9 a.m. before a 10:30 a.m. service during the summer. Visitors are welcome.

For information, call 829-6562.