Sea turtle in distress spotted near marina, rescued for rehabilitation

SLIDESHOW: Sea Turtle Rescue at St. Augustine Marina

A loggerhead sea turtle, weighing nearly 400 pounds, was found floating, lethargic and severely emaciated, near the St. Augustine Municipal Marina on Thursday morning.

Estimated to be 60 to 100 years old, the turtle was spotted and reported to St. Augustine Eco Tours, which operates under a permit to respond to injured wildlife in the immediate area. It took five people to lift the turtle out of the water and bring it to shore. They then called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which arranged for the animal to be picked up and transported to SeaWorld Orlando.

Shortly after the animal was spotted, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission received a call to pick up a second turtle, a smaller green sea turtle, found floating in the water near The Conch House Marina. The second turtle then joined the first for the trip to SeaWorld for rehabilitation.

Lisa Averill More than 1 year ago
Why are these turtles being rehabilitated at Sea World?  Isn't this the same organization that has in captivity poor Telecum, an orca, who is penned up in a habitat too small for him to thrive in because he attacked a trainer after having food withheld from him for a "better performance" later on? Seriously.
Robyn Polanco More than 1 year ago
Yes.  My question exactly.  I want to know why they took this 60-100 year old out of its natural environment and moved it inland to rehab in Orlando... It doesn't make sense. 
Madison Skidmore More than 1 year ago
The turtle was found struggling to swim, couldn't dive or fight the current.

Madison Skidmore More than 1 year ago
Oh and if you have a problem with where sick and injured animals go, take it up with FWC, not the people who took the time out to pull this turtle away from being crushed between a dock and a boat..
Madison Skidmore More than 1 year ago
Sea world purchased Tilicum. completely different situation. this turtle will be rehabbed and released. it could not dive or fight the 3-4 mph current. We are thinking there is something stuck in her intestines causing her to be positive-buoyant.
[removed] More than 1 year ago
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MARTY More than 1 year ago
Hanna needs to get a job that doesn't involve spamming everyone.