Cut phone cable causing 911 outage in Hastings area

A cut telephone cable in Hastings has interrupted phone service and 911 coverage in the Hastings, Elkton and Flagler Eastates areas, local officials say.


In a joint news releases Thursday the St. Johns County Sheriffs Office and St. Johns County Fire Rescue said the cut telephone fiber cable owned by Windstream Telephone Service had left customers unable to call 911.

Customers in Hastings that are affected are only able to call from customer to customer within a small geographic area of Hastings, the release said.

To assist residents in being able to reach help from the Sheriff’s Office or Fire Rescue, dispatchers have been sent to St. Johns County Fire Station 8 to answer calls from those impacted and then relay those calls for assistance by radio or cell phone for dispatch.

Anyone in the affected area who needs help should call Station 8 at 692-3303.

While contractors are currently working to make repairs to the system, an estimated repair time is not available.