The following is a collection of notable events from local police reports dated March 3-9.


- St. Johns County sheriff’s deputies arrested a St. Augustine woman in the early morning hours of March 4 after they determined she was causing a disturbance at the End Zone Sports Bar on U.S. 1.

Lavinia Alberta Pringle was arrested on one count of disorderly intoxication and booked into the St. Johns County jail, according to a report of the incident.

The deputy who filled out the report said he originally responded to the scene after receiving a report that Pringle, 38, was lying in a ditch near the bar.

When the deputy arrived, she was sitting on a curb outside of the bar. As he questioned her, the deputy noted that she was slurring her speech and seemed to be having trouble making sense. When he asked her how many drinks she had had, she responded, “I had three rounds,” the report says.

The bartender inside told the deputy that she had come in and ordered a “beverage and a shot,” which he initially poured then took back once deciding she seemed too intoxicated to be served. After that, she went outside and began causing a disturbance, according to the bartender who asked that she be removed from the property for trespassing.

When the deputy was notified that Pringle was on inmate release and was thought to sometimes carry a knife in her bra, the deputy asked a female deputy to respond to the scene to perform a pat down.

Upon that deputy’s arrival Pringle “refused to cooperate and began to yell and curse at us,” the deputy wrote.

This prompted a number of patrons to walk outside to see what was going on, according to the report.

“Lavinia then flopped onto the ground and continued to yell,” the report says.

The deputy said he and the female deputy eventually had to pick Pringle up and place her in a patrol car because “she kept claiming her legs do not work.”

Pringle was transported to Flagler Hospital for medical clearance and eventually taken to the jail where a breath sample returned a blood alcohol level of .132.


- A sheriff’s deputy arrested a St. Johns man for DUI and a related charge early Tuesday morning after initiating a traffic stop on Anastasia Island.

Ryan Thomas Freel, 31, was booked into the St. Johns County jail on charges of DUI and DUI with property damage, according to an offense report from the Sheriff’s Office.

The deputy who filled out the report said he decided to pull over Freel after a radar showed he was traveling 67 mph in a 40 mph zone on a portion of State Road A1A.

After the deputy observed Freel run one stop sign, he turned on his lights and siren and observed Freel run a second stop sign, the report says.

As he ran the second sign, the deputy said he observed Freel “start to lose control of the vehicle” and the vehicle go airborne. The deputy continued following Freel who appeared to still be having difficulty maintaining control.

Freel’s car, a Nissan Maxima, eventually left the road and struck a tree and metal fence near the intersection of Pope and Old Beach roads.

The deputy noted Freel, who said he was not injured, had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and had watery, bloodshot eyes.

After the deputy informed Freel he was going to conduct a DUI investigation, Freel said he had only had one drink at Salt Life restaurant and two drinks at the White Lion pub.

As the questioning continued, Freel grew “defiant” the report says.

At one point he shouted, “I am well connected in this town,” and “Sheriff Shoar works for me, he is my sheriff.”

He also shouted, “My dad is a Navy SEAL, I’ll be out of jail before you finish that [expletive] report.”

He later told the deputy in a “normal tone” of voice, “Do you know that I once had a traffic judge in this town disbarred, so your tickets mean nothing to me.” Freel also said, “I will beat this,” and “I didn’t run from you, I was driving 45 the whole time,” the report says.

Freel eventually agreed to provide breath samples saying that he would blow well below the legal limit and that the deputy had no business arresting him.

Those samples came back with readings of .145 and .142 and he was booked into the jail, the report says


n A 20-year-old St. Johns man was arrested for stalking Wednesday after a St. Johns County sheriff’s deputy found him outside the home of a woman who did not want him there.

According to the arrest report for Landon Brooks Dear, the woman told a deputy that she and Dear had dated for about a month, but that on three days in early March, Dear showed up at her home although he had been told he was not welcome and was asked to stop contacting her.

On Wednesday, the report says, Dear called the woman 20 times in 10 minutes.

At one point he told the woman he could see through her bedroom window and that he was not going to stop trying to see her.

When the deputy who arrested Dear arrived at the woman’s home around 12 a.m., he found Dear on her property wearing dark clothes and later discovered he had parked his motorcycle around the corner from her house.

Dear was taken to the St. Johns County jail without incident.