LAW ENFORCEMENT ROUNDUP: Outlet store robbed of thousands in merchandise

The following is a collection of notable events from local police reports dated March 10 to March 16.


• A group of three people stole $4,200 worth of purses and attempted to steal $2,200 more from the Saks Fifth Avenue outlet store in St. Augustine on the afternoon of March 10.

According to a report of the incident, a deputy responded to the store around 4 p.m. after a report of a theft there.

The store manager told the deputy that three people — described in the report only as a “black male and two black females” — came into the store carrying large bags and stole 12 to 20 purses.

The manager told the deputy the three were communicating with one another on cell phones and at one point heard one of the females say, “John, get out of here.”

As the three left the store, a patron confronted the male who dropped the bags he was carrying, but the manager said the group still made off with three “Valentino” purses valued at roughly $1,400 each.

• A sheriff’s deputy arrested a St. Augustine woman the night of March 10 after a St. Augustine Beach police officer said he saw her driving on Pope Road with her headlights off.

Jordan Enid Cruz, 18, was booked into the St. Johns County jail on charges of DUI, trespassing and resisting an officer without violence, a report of the encounter says.

The deputy who filled out the report said the Beach officer initially tried to signal to Cruz that her headlights were off as they passed each other on Pope Road.

That is when Cruz, the report says, “increased speed and made a sudden turn” onto Lee Drive.

The officer later found Cruz’s Isuzu Rodeo parked in a driveway off Lee Drive and Cruz “concealing herself in a nearby shrubbery,” the report says.

The deputy, who was eventually called to the scene, said Cruz told the the Beach officer that she “got scared” when she saw the officer on Pope Road because “cops are scary.”

She then said she had been “swigging” alcohol with friends by the parking garage in downtown St. Augustine and was on her way to the “Taco Shop” to charge her phone.

The report says Cruz had no explanation as to why she appeared to be driving from the taco shop or why, in the words of the report, “her floorboard was littered with nachos and cheese.”

Cruz then said she “hates driving drunk,” the report says.

Subsequent breath tests returned readings of .089 and .091.

• A Sheriff’s deputy recovered a counterfeit $100 bill on March 11 that a sales clerk at a fireworks store said was passed to her that afternoon during a transaction.

The clerk said a man came into the store just before 2 p.m. and made a purchase with the bill. She provided the man about $80 in change before she tried to mark the bill with an authenticating marker.

After she provided the change, she said, the man quickly left the store an got into an older gray vehicle that was driven by another man.

The deputy confirmed the bill was counterfeit and then placed into evidence for forwarding to the U.S. Secret Service.