Sheriff’s Office: More than $13k in home appliances stolen in apparent construction site burglary

More that $13,000 worth of home appliances appear to have been stolen from a row of newly built townhomes sometime Wednesday night, a St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office report says.

The deputy who filled out the report says a representative from D.R. Horton called him to the town homes in the Cypress Bay neighborhood off Dobbs Cutoff Road around 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday to report the suspected burglaries.

The representative told the deputy that when he arrived at the construction site that morning, he noticed the front door to one of the units was ajar then noticed a back sliding glass door was also open.

The man then walked through 16 of the new homes and noticed appliances missing from each.

According to the report, at least four washer and dryer sets were missing as well as 12 ranges and at least four air handlers and air conditioning units.

Mach Hoyle 6 months ago
Couldn't happen to a nicer development company. They are making money hand over fist over the destruction of what was once beautiful. I won't lose one moment of sleep, although I abhor criminal activity.
Sponger2 Harvell 6 months ago
Ditto that. The best thing that could happen would be for them to go bankrupt.
G T 6 months ago
maybe they should invest some of that money on security cameras before they start building or maybe hire an over night security guard oh right they wouldn't want to take from their rip off profits