Water shortage warning declared for St. Johns County

(St. Johns River Water Management District)

A water shortage warning has been declared for St. Johns County by the St. Johns River Water Management District due to extreme drought conditions in the area.


The warning follows a district water shortage warning declared in March for seven area counties due to the effects of that below-average rainfall across parts of the district. In May, the water management district’s order was expanded to include all counties within the district’s jurisdiction.

The objective of the water shortage warning order is to reduce water and increase awareness of the need for conservation. Although conditions have not yet reached a point where there is an expectation of insufficient water to meet anticipated demand and protect water resources, current conditions do warrant heightened water conservation in all areas within the jurisdiction of the district.

Residents are encouraged to reduce water usage to conserve as much water as possible. Landscape irrigation is recommended to occur between 4 p.m. and 10 a.m. and not to exceed two days per week.

The original warning indicated that there could be supply problems for private well users due to lower aquifer levels.

A water shortage warning also indicates the need to increase awareness in anticipation of potential prolonged drought through largely voluntary water conservation activities. For more information on the water shortage warning and water conservation, visit sjrwmd.com/facts/watershortageorder.html.

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