SHARK IN A SHOPPING CART? Store employee reports unusual catch

A St. Johns County sheriff’s deputy responded to a strange call Friday afternoon when an assistant manager at Walmart on U.S. 1 called authorities saying she had found a 4-5 foot dead shark in the store’s parking lot.


In his report of the incident, the responding deputy noted that the shark was in a shopping cart near an RV that was parked in the lot.

The assistant manager said she called authorities because she didn’t want to throw the animal in the trash.

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The deputy called the owner of the RV who said he was from West Virginia and in the area looking for work. He told the deputy he heard noise outside his RV early that morning but assumed it was employees gathering carts. When he left the RV to go to work later in the morning, the man said he saw the shark on the hood of his RV so he placed it on the ground.

The deputy called officers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission who arrived at the lot and removed the shark for disposal.

The Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday that another shark was also found Friday in a driveway off 2nd Street in Vilano Beach, but no report of that incident was filled out.

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Allison D'Amora 9 months ago
My name is Allison and I am a producer at WPBF 25 News in West Palm Beach. Would it be possible for us to run this photo in our newscasts? We would obviously give the paper on-screen credit, as well as credit in the script.

9 months ago
please email for approval, thanks!
A Hayes 9 months ago
That's totally fine with me.
Andre Paquin 9 months ago
Land Shark is real.
Patrick Henry 9 months ago
Sharknado dropped it
Eric Enderle 9 months ago
Shark happens.
Robert Bonaiuto 9 months ago
Looks like a mako? Not exactly a near shore shark ....
Mike Hines 9 months ago
Black Tip Shark...  Deeeelicious (soak in vinegar first)
John Loughran 9 months ago
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into wal mart 
Vance Porter 9 months ago
Don't tangle with the bird that dropped it.
Don Hanke 9 months ago
You win the Internet comments for today!
Gary Cook 9 months ago
We're going to need a bigger cart
R Blaine 9 months ago
That isn't a cart, it's an "anti human cage"
Javier Torres 9 months ago
Actually, that one's mine. Had it on Lay Away. Got wrinkled so I'm returning it...
Michael Kramer 9 months ago
I knew they were going to snuff that shark after he messed up the super bowl half time show.
Scott Egan 9 months ago
We're gonna need a bigger cart...
Scott Egan 9 months ago
That's one way to mako the news.  
Charlene Peters 9 months ago
Florida, Wal-Mart.... you knew something weird was going to happen.
Ted Rutherford 9 months ago
Shark Lives Matter!
Chuck Baldwin 9 months ago
Thanks Obama.
A S 9 months ago
At least it is Florida...IF were somewhere in the Midwest I might be concerned.
Ellen O Day 9 months ago
Tried to shop at Walmart for fishing tackle, but the greeters prevented it from entering.
James Milford 9 months ago
There gonna need a bigger cart!
Shaun McDonald 9 months ago
Excuse me, but which aisle would I find sharks?
Fritz Womack 9 months ago
31st day, no receipt. Out of luck.


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