Vietnam fallen honored today


Editor: There will be a small service today at the St. Augustine National Cemetery in honor of all who served our country in Vietnam during our time of need. The ceremony will consist of the laying of a wreath to honor the seven Vietnam Veterans who are buried in our cemetery and for those who served.

Sgt. Major Ray Quinn will be in charge of the services and will offer the invocation in remembrance and in honor of all who served.

William Dudley\


Dudley is chair of the Veterans Council of St. Johns

Legislature mocks will of the people

Editor: The Sunday editorial was spot on!

First, I want local rule concerning part-time home rental strongly enforced. Those buying a house in a residential area just to cash in on parttime rental are merely seeking profit and showing total disregard to the residents. I can understand it on the beach, but severely limited in the amount of rental time and the number of renters — along with very strict noise rules.

Being housebound lately I have watched the legislature in action. I am disgusted with the members voting on party lines, with total disregard to the matter at hand.

We elect these people to do the will of the people, which they largely ignore. We the people passed a referendum directing certain funds to be used to conserve Florida open, wild places and our springs — Amendment1. The Legislature feels free to spend these dollars on their pet projects.

Norman Dean

St. Augustine