Unaffordable Care Act


Editor: The Trump health care bill is good for the rich and the healthy and is a disaster for the sick, the poor and the elderly. It is so bad that Congress has exempted itself from this health care bill and will stay with Obamacare plans. If Congress were truly serving the American people, it would not propose a health care bill for us that is not good enough for its members. Please call your congressman if you agree.

The financial reality of most Americans is that they cannot afford quality health care without assistance from their employers or from subsidies funded by a tax on the wealthy. This health care bill eliminates the tax on the wealthy that made Obamacare as affordable as it was. If the Republicans succeed in passing this Health care Act, tens of millions more people will have no insurance. They will get only piecemeal help from the emergency room when they face a life-threatening crisis, or get whatever help doctors and clinics provide free.

The inevitable result is that countless people would suffer and die from treatable diseases. This should be as repulsive as abortions to Republican Christians.

Isn’t accessible and affordable health care a pro-life issue? Didn’t Jesus tell his followers to heal the sick? The second of two Commandments that Jesus gave us on which “hang all the law” states “love thy neighbor as thyself.” How can this possibly mean that those of us who are blessed to have health care allow others to go without? Isn’t this a Christian moral issue?

It is obvious that this healthcare bill and the tax cut plan show that Trump is doing a “fantastic” job of taking care of the rich. I ask Christians to read what Jesus tells us about material wealth and the rich.

Ross Carlson

St Augustine