Getting sick getting much more dangerous


Editor: Never let it be said that the Republicans in Congress can’t learn from their mistakes. Their second stab at repealing Obamacare produced a Frankenstein monster that only works for the wealthy. Our Reps. Ron DeSantis and John Rutherford obediently got in line and voted for a bill that had not been given to the Congressional Budget Office to score.

Republicans did not like the CBO’s verdict on the first go around that over 20 million people would lose their health care and the wealthiest taxpayers who had not found a way to shelter all of their income would save $600 billion in tax cuts, while us working class folks would lose $800 billion in health care benefits over the next 10 years.

So the Republicans came up with a more draconian bill to please the Freedom Caucus and threw in an extra $8 billion (1 percent of the cuts) to help the more moderate Republicans vote for “high risk pools,” where sick people can go to drown? High risk pools are what they sound like, and have never worked for sick people.

They can now say they repealed Obamacare but they still don’t know what exactly they passed.

Ignorance is bliss?

So now we will watch the Senate “start from scratch” in an effort to improve on the House-produced bill. If we don’t want to lose our health care, we will contact our senators and make sure they know that scuttling Medicaid and Obamacare instead of fixing it puts our Medicare at risk by guaranteeing a sicker population that will bankrupt it.

That would be fine with the Republicans in Congress who never liked the fact that Medicare is a popular government program that is a single-payer health insurer … 2018 cannot come soon enough! Stay healthy!

Terry Kelley

St. Augustine

904 687-9647