GUEST COLUMN: Sick and tired of ugly, shallow divisiveness

Kathleen Harrow


St. Augustine

Count me among those that find Leonard Pitts’ columns offensive. In my opinion he is just as racist as a white supremacist. Larry Elder is a fine replacement. You can also drop the columns of Ann Coulter and Kathleen Parker — although I think Ms. Coulter’s recent piece on immigration and amnesty was on the mark.

Personally I find your guest columns much better reading, as they are far less concerned with the divisive partisan politics ruining this country and more focused on the problems and issues we face on a daily basis.

I find all this angst over Confederate statues ridiculous. What is wrong with historic monuments representing the sacrifices of the sons and daughters of a city or a state? Maybe we should be erecting more monuments reflective of more recent accomplishments or sacrifices rather than destroying the ones

of a past that none of us experienced.

Besides, are there not more important issues deserving our attention and that of our legislators? There is health care, taxes, a crumbling infrastructure, education, immigration and debt to name just a few. I’m far more concerned about the drug culture and the murders of both neighbors and police officers,

than a war that happened 150 years ago in a different time.

I don’t care if I never have to read about another President Trump tweet, Hillary Clinton whine, or protest rally — or have each and every one analyzed to death by both the mainstream media and bloggers. And I am sick and tired of all the labels — white supremacist, Neo-Nazis, Antifa, BLM, etc.

And most of all I object to the term “white nationalist” used in a derogatory manner by the media. I am proud to be a nationalist. The fact that I was born white was an accident of birth. The Star Spangled Banner and the Pledge

of Allegiance — “one nation under God, INDIVISIBLE” — mean something to me.

Those who can’t show them the respect that they deserve should go elsewhere. Those highly paid NFL player grandstanders can stay in the tunnel out of sight until after the playing of the national anthem if they can’t show respect.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have shown that those of different races and political persuasions can still come together for the common good. Hopefully, our politicians and the media get the message and stop promoting divisiveness and hate.

Removing some of the biased syndicated columnists from your editorial pages is a good place to start.

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