GUEST COLUMN: Growth win a battle, not the war

Left–wing mob mentality


Editor: Thanks to letter writer Gerry Brody for sharing his experience (Sept. 10) as a college student and social worker.

It’s a blueprint for understanding what’s often called left-wing media bias; including almost everything university based that has been made politically correct over the last 50 years.

Just as everything, “social work” is Alinsky-ite from the top down. Many other areas such as history, the arts, government and many top-down structures funded by George Soros’ Open Society Network have become left-wing driven.

That the home of the free speech movement in the 1960s is now the home of shutting down speech you disagree with — by any means necessary — is graphic proof that the left operates far more on mob mentality than it does on factual discussion.

So get to your search window and type in “cloward-piven.” Find out about Piven’s obscured connection to “welfare reform” via crashing, um, overwhelming the system, and instituting guaranteed annual income, as described by the Democratic Socialists of America.

Ms. Piven was involved with the Clinton White House, but you can be certain she was never mentioned publicly in the left-wing biased media. The ends do justify the means, the deeper into the swamp one goes.

Fortunately, Democrats have been going nowhere in national elections, and we may have turned an important corner that has voters listening less and less to the bias in the media and educating themselves by the instincts of liberty.

Tom Volger

St. Augustine