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FPL gets a pat on the back


Editor: Following Irma, I took three balloons and a thank you card to the St. Augustine location of Florida Power &Light. You would have thought I had just delivered to them a winning Powerball lottery ticket.

You see, they have been inundated with complaints from people who are inconvenienced by their lack of power. And, of course, many customers and businesses in particular have truly been inconvenienced.

But I learned something when delivering my balloons to the elderly and very cordial security guard. FPL employees have been working 18-hour shifts, struggling with downed trees, downed power lines and flooded areas.

If you look up as you drive around our city you will see a web of wires supported by a forest of poles, a complex network bringing power to us all. And we take for granted this engineering achievement until a catastrophe occurs, in this case Irma.

Do we have a God-given right to have air conditioning, refrigeration, television, the internet, hair dryers, fans and all of what we now view as life’s necessities? Perhaps we feel that we do, until they are no longer there. Then we may see them as the privileges and luxuries they really are.

And maybe it takes Irma for us to appreciate these “necessities” as the luxuries they are. And maybe it takes Irma for us to also appreciate the dedicated efforts of the FPL employees to bring them back to us.

Jackie Bowen

St. Augustine



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