GUEST COLUMN: Growth win a battle, not the war

Trump: No lie too big?


Editor: After seven long months of the most divisive, chaotic and dysfunctional presidency in modern political history, Trump’s overall approval rating hovers at a wilting 34 percent. Yet a recent poll finds a mind-boggling 80 percent of Republicans who voted for him would do it again.

While one-third of the country rabidly defends what sorrowfully passes as our national leadership, the majority holds its collective breath as the relentless barrage of daily traumas and raging insults of our national nightmare continue unabated.

What this sadly resembles is some perverse hybrid of Stockholm Syndrome, in which abductees become so fascinated with their abductor they are no longer able to see that they are being held a captive audience. They are so enthralled by the dazzling sales pitch and slight-of-hand of the snake oil salesman, it has become their only reality, and nothing will shake their conviction that this is the way it should be.

Maybe when members of this administration (and perhaps members of Trump’s family) are indicted and perp-walked out of the White House for their unending lies and obstructions, the Trump fan club might see things differently.

But, with Trump boasting that neo-Nazis and white supremacists are “some really fine people,”climate change is a Chinese hoax and news is fake, it appears that no claim, regardless of how bizarre, can be too outrageous for the true believers.

Like our Supreme Leader himself once said, “I could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue in broad daylight and they’d still vote for me.”

Republicans; have you no shame?

Greg Pieper

St. Augustine