GUEST COLUMN: Growth win a battle, not the war

Helping Hands healed a heart


Editor: They call themselves Mormon Helping Hands. They’re from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They wear yellow t-shirts. If you see them, thank them.

The evening news on all stations is showing the good things people have been doing following Hurricane Irma. I want to tell you about a group that has done the greatest service of all for me.

I am in my 80s. I have almost two acres of land that is covered with trees of all sizes. You can imagine the depth of the yard, which was covered to the point that you could not see the ground. Fortunately for me, I lost only three trees and they all came down together in the woods south of my house.

My daughter called me and said, ‘Mom, I’m bringing some folks to help clean you up!”

They arrived about 11 a.m. They had sleds, rakes, wheelbarrows and tarps they used to drag debris to the street.

I asked if I could fix sandwiches. They declined.

I never counted ho many were here, but ages must have ranged from 6 to 73. There must have been 30.

They cleaned my roof, gutters and patio.

I thanked them so many times I lost count. Then I cried.

What a blessing.

They told me they were from the church in the northwest part of the county.

God bless them all.

Lola Stark

St. Augustine