Peaceful protest should be respected


Editor: I think we can all agree that the flag is a symbol for country. It symbolizes not only what is right in our country, but also what is wrong in our country. It is a symbol of our freedom to legally protest and resist what is wrong and support what is right.

The recent peaceful demonstrations by members of the NFL against what is wrong in our country should be respected by all of us as an exercise of the freedom that other patriots have died for. Make no mistake, this was a protest against racists and racism, no matter what you have been “tweeted” to believe.

Ruby Hauder

St. Augustine

NFL: It’s not about the flag

Editor: The current President again showed his ignorance, racist and elementary views regarding a peaceful protest. To us curse words to describe peaceful protesters, signifies ignorance.

This protest has nothing to do with disrespect and everything to do with being oppressed by over zealous, systematic racists who were part of the 400 murders at the hand of a small portion of individuals that are supposed to protect, but allow their small mindedness to cloud their judgment and perpetuate their racist views in a deadly fashion over the last 24 months.

The overwhelming majority of officers are outstanding individuals and show, by their actions, the are positive influences on their communities.

If you have not been incarcerated for charges you never committed, you wouldn’t know. If you have never had nine KKK Clansmen show up to burn your house and yard, you wouldn’t know. I have!

Anyone who thinks this is about disrespecting the flag or military is as ignorant as the President.

Gerald Glover

St. Augustine



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