Here we go again...


Editor: Please allow me a few minutes to rant.

Yesterday my annual car insurance arrived, I think my mail carrier knew what she was delivering as she scurried back to her jeep rapidly. A 68 percent increase created a desire on my part to talk with my agent, as we had no claims and no violations. I listened as I was told, “everyone’s premium is increasing,” “the big lawsuits are the cause,” “texters,” “driver’s with no insurance,” etc. Like increasing everyone’s premium 68 percent is going to decrease the number of “drivers with no Insurance”.

I could not help but drift back to health care, 30 years ago. Back before health care was a personal budget item. Back when everyone had health care insurance and thought nothing of it. Back when hospitals were stand-alone buildings, not a campus. As the health care premiums increased over the past few decades, I heard how the lawyers were responsible for the increases and how my congressperson would save me. Greed on multiple parts was never mentioned.

One thing is different with car insurance from health care. In car insurance I am charged a line item for Uninsured or Under-insured motorists. In health care they hide that number and add that cost to my charges, much like shoplifting or breakage is added to each item at the local mall.

As with health care, I will bid my car insurance and go with the lowest, best option. As with health insurance, I will bend over and take one for the national team, but I cannot help but think, here we go again. We have learned nothing from our 30-year ride with health care.

Keith Cannon
St. Augustine


PGA tail wagging PVB dog?

Editor: It appears that the request of the PGA to build a new and

“necessary” new headquarters to allow consolidation of all 17 of its locations in one large plot in Ponte Vedra Beach, will soon be OK’d by the St. Johns County Board of Commissioners. At the time of its completion, we will probably see a name change from Ponte Vedra Beach to PGAville. PGA rules this town.

Barbara Ames
Ponte Vedra Beach


Electoral College did its job

Editor: As stated in a recent letter, President Trump’s presidency is the most divisive, chaotic and dysfunctional presidency in history. And why is that?

Maybe its because the Democrats are so upset that Hillary lost that they refuse to work with him and do not want him to succeed. I can’t believe there is not one Democrat in Washington who does not see that Obamacare is a failure. But they are not concerned what is right for the American people, only to prove that President Trump is a failure. I read that Hillary wants to do away with the Electoral College. Thank goodness she didn’t win. Everyone should realize by now she won the popular vote because of the state of California. She won that state by over 4 million votes. If you take out all the votes from California, President Trump won the popular vote. Do we really want one state of the super rich and 38 percent immigration selecting our president? The Electoral College works. Leave it alone. I voted for the lesser of the two evils. It’s being proven I made the right choice.

Louise Reirdon
Saint Augustine



Send in the clowns

Editor: The news that Trump spent days over the weekend tweeting abuse to football players but doing nothing to help heal the devastation in Puerto Rico was a new low in despicability for a man who appears to be first in the running as the most despised man in the country.

Every day, there is a mad rush to newspapers and TV news to hear about the latest verbal outrage or insult from a leader who is supposed to comfort Americans, not scold them for being themselves.

So it was with a sense of recognition that I read a passage in a book I was reading about the Lincoln presidency.

It was credited to the Chicago Sun Times in November 1863 and said, “The cheek of every American must tingle with shame as he reads the silly, flat and dishwatery utterances of the man who has to be pointed out to intelligent foreigners as President of the United States.”

Please understand that this diatribe was published the day after Lincoln had given the Gettysburg Address, showing us how hostile the paper was to that beautifully crafted piece of writing.

There is some witchcraft afoot in Washington.

God didn’t bless America when he sent in the current crop of clowns.

Peter Guinta
St. Augustine


We’ve had it with the NFL

Editor: Protests against the Vietnam war perpetrated by power-hungry men in politics and the military were acceptable. But disrespecting our country and flag by the NFL is unacceptable.

These are individuals making inflated, obscene salaries. These are men who bash and abuse their wives and girlfriends.

These are men who are arrested for drunkenness, DUIs and murder. They are not people to be held up as role models. They are disgusting! Seems to me they should go into their gun and drug infested communities and with their monetary means help with education, provide good food, provide teaching of good moral habits for themselves and the folks of the inner-cities, help to build homes and create programs for children. Then we could really respect them. Until then the NFL and ESPN will not be on our TV screen.

Patricia Flax
St. Augustine