TV ad escalates Florida governor’s feud with Republicans

TALLAHASSEE | Gov. Rick Scott is escalating his increasingly bitter feud with some of his fellow Republicans by using money from his political organization to pay for television ads that will soon hit the airwaves in the nation’s third-largest state.

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Game over? House speaker sues Florida Lottery over contract

TALLAHASSEE | Starting yet another battle with the Republican governor, Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran on Friday asked a judge to block a contract that calls for a significant expansion of the Florida Lottery.

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New deal? Florida appeals Seminole Tribe blackjack ruling

TALLAHASSEE | Florida is pushing ahead in its legal tussle with the Seminole Tribe of Florida over the tribe’s estimated $2 billion a year gambling operation.

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Florida to state workers: You can’t give at the office now

TALLAHASSEE | Following negative publicity about administrative costs, as well as a critical audit, the administration of Gov. Rick Scott announced Thursday that it had suspended a program that allowed state workers to make charitable donations through their paychecks.

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Florida: 6 million votes cast amid a push for more

TALLAHASSEE | Voters across Florida, the battleground state that could tip this year’s elections, streamed to the polls on the final day of early voting ahead of Tuesday’s election.

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Will ‘fair districts’ in Florida lead to a fairer outcome?

TALLAHASSEE | Six years ago, Florida voters approved constitutional amendments with the catchy title of “Fair Districts” that promised to end the political games that surrounded drawing legislative and congressional districts.

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Political parties raising millions before primary

TALLAHASSEE — In the months leading up to the crucial primary election, Florida’s two political parties and affiliated committees took in... Read more

Judicial appointee endorsed by Trump

TALLAHASSEE — Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who has bragged about his influence with politicians, urged Gov. Rick Scott... Read more

State drops battle on abortion law

TALLAHASSEE — A federal judge on Thursday definitively blocked a Florida abortion law that prevents state funds from going to organizations that... Read more

Gov. Scott dodges rigged election questions

TALLAHASSEE — Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday refused to say if he disagrees with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump that... Read more

Victim of London knife attack remembered fondly in Florida

TALLAHASSEE — Still recovering from shock Friday, friends and colleagues described a 64-year-old Florida woman killed in a London knife... Read more

Florida's new abortion law will remain blocked for now

TALLAHASSEE — Florida’s new law that places restrictions on abortion clinics is going to remain blocked for now.

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Florida's jobs agency gives checks to departing employees

TALLAHASSEE — Amid a major shakeup pushed by Gov. Rick Scott, the agency responsible for luring jobs to the state is paying nearly a... Read more

Florida court sides against former Miami congressman

TALLAHASSEE — A Florida court on Wednesday rejected a bid by a former U.S. congressman and one-time ally of U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio to get... Read more

Federal judge considers fate of new Florida abortion law

TALLAHASSEE — A federal judge was asked Wednesday to block a sweeping new law that puts restrictions on abortion clinics in Florida, days... Read more

Florida court: Injured workers deserve 5 years of help

TALLAHASSEE — For the second time this year, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that part of the rules put in place for injured workers by... Read more

Sand, surf and gun? Florida's highest court may say yes

TALLAHASSEE — Months after Florida’s Republican-controlled Legislature rejected the idea, the state’s highest court was urged Wednesday... Read more

Florida Attorney General Bondi tried to return Trump cash

TALLAHASSEE — Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi tried to return a controversial $25,000 donation from Donald Trump’s foundation, but it... Read more

Florida's bill for opposing gay marriage? Nearly $500

TALLAHASSEE — Florida taxpayers are going to pay nearly $500,000 for the state’s losing battle to keep intact a voter-approved ban on... Read more

Police: Killing of professor linked to bitter divorce

TALLAHASSEE — The fatal shooting of a Florida State University law professor in his upscale neighborhood two years ago was part of a... Read more

Florida to get $5 million from failed visual effects studio

TALLAHASSEE — Florida will only get back a small portion of the millions it invested in a failed visual effects film studio whose high-... Read more

Insurers tell Florida: Don't make us look for beneficiaries

TALLAHASSEE — Four companies that sell life insurance in Florida are trying to get a judge to block a new law that requires them to... Read more

Florida agency that recruits jobs will soon be slashing them

TALLAHASSEE — Fresh off a stinging rebuke by the Republican-controlled Florida Legislature, the state’s economic development agency will... Read more

Seminoles try to stop publication of gambling-trial information

TALLAHASSEE — The Seminole Tribe of Florida, owner of Florida’s largest casinos, is trying to get a federal judge to block the... Read more

Florida's hurricane fund in best shape ever heading into season

TALLAHASSEE — Florida’s continued lucky streak when it comes to dodging hurricanes is helping a key state fund reach its best financial... Read more

Fate of Florida's voucher program back before court

TALLAHASSEE — A two-year legal battle over the fate of Florida’s largest private school voucher program on Tuesday spilled into an... Read more

Florida officials squabble about insurance commissioner pick

TALLAHASSEE — Thanks to an arcane state law, Florida could enter hurricane season with no one firmly in charge of the state agency... Read more

Florida's fight to keep gay marriage ban could be costly

TALLAHASSEE — Florida’s fierce fight to keep intact a voter-approved ban on gay marriage is going to wind up costing taxpayers.... Read more

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