The different types of containers

In this article, we will be discussing the forms of containers. You should read this article to know about the forms of containers. Once you know the forms of containers you will be able to choose the containers that suit your requirement.

  • Dry containers for storage

Dry containers for storage are the containers that are widely used for shipping. The dry containers for storage have different dimensions that are set by the ISO. As, the name suggests, the dry containers for storage are used to ship materials that are dry. The size of the dry containers for storage is usually 10ft, 20ft and 40ft.

  • Roofless containers

Roofless containers are the best option when you have to ship the materials of all heights. So, if your goods are of different heights then you should definitely go for roofless containers.

  • Subway containers

In this form of container, there are doors on one and the other side of the container. Subway containers are useful in fast loading of the materials and fast unloading of the materials.

  • Two door containers

These are the form of containers that have two doors. These two doors makes a spacious area for the loading of the materials as well as the unloading of the materials. The size of the two door containers is usually 20ft but it could even be 40ft. Two door containers are made up of steel, ferrous, etc.

  • Tanks

These form of containers are most commonly used for transporting materials that are in liquid form. Tanks are used by the industries that ships materials. Tanks are made up of steel that is strong or materials that are corrosion resistant. When the tanks are made up of these materials it makes them durable safety to the materials.

There are some other forms of containers as well. You can read about them too and you will know more. Maybe those forms of containers are also helpful for you.

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