Jules Witcover

Jules Witcover: We focus too much on opinion polls:

As America’s voters ponder which of the two major-party presidential nominees they dislike less this year, polls continue to flood the... Read more

Jules Witcover: Trump's Mexican trip no more than a ploy

Donald Trump on Wednesday talked out of both sides of his mouth on immigration — out of one side in Mexico City and the other in Phoenix.... Read more

Jules Witcover: Immigration reality dawns on Donad

The massive impracticality of Donald Trump’s grand plan to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants, not to mention the cruelty that would... Read more

Jules Witcover: Trump doubles down on Trump

Before it ever really got started, the makeover of Donald Trump from amateur political outsider to a controlled and controllable... Read more

Jules Witcover: Trump taking recklessness too far

Firm supporters of Donald Trump will say his suggestion that “the Second Amendment people” could prevent a President Hillary Clinton from... Read more

Jules Witcover: Buyer's remorse sets in for GOP

Barely two weeks after his resounding nomination as the Republican candidate for the presidency, Donald Trump’s series of political gaffes... Read more

Jules Witcover: Bill addresses Hillary's deficiencies

Perhaps in repayment for all the times Hillary Clinton has had his back, Bill Clinton held a typically winning “conversation” Tuesday night... Read more

Witcover: Trump plays it safe with Pense

Donald Trump, social media’s best friend and user, did it again in tweeting his “final” choice of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running... Read more

Jules Witcover: Cleveland convention: Opportunity or hazard?

The Republican National Convention in Cleveland next week looms as an opportunity for Donald Trump to reverse his slipping fortunes. Either... Read more

Jules Witcover: Choice of veep speaks volumes about the candidate

As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton ponder their options for running mates, the only question that should matter is this: Is the person the... Read more

Jules Witcover: Democrats revive the sit-in tactic

In this evolving era in which political theater takes the place of real decision-making, the House Democrats’ scheme of staging a sit-in on... Read more

Jules Witcover: America's greatest shame

In the wake of the latest example of this country’s most egregious distinction — its continuing acquiescence in mass gun violence — a... Read more

Jules Witcover: Trump blunder eclipses Hillary's triumph

Hillary Clinton has become the first woman presidential nominee, but the historic feat is being overshadowed by a colossal Donald Trump... Read more

Jules Witcover: Still waiting for Trump transformation

Republican establishment leaders now falling in behind Donald Trump hope he will somehow become more “presidential” as their party’s nominee... Read more

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