Mike Adams

Otters are bold, happy-go-lucky waterway pranksters

The river otter is a semi-aquatic, sleek, long-bodied mammal that specializes in hunting prey in the water.

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Storms can be tough on wildlife too

Now that we’re under the effects of Hurricane Matthew, whether directly or glancing offshore in the ocean, have you ever thought about what happens to wildlife during hurricanes and other storms?

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Mike Adams: Spanish bayonet is neither a knife nor from Spain

Despite its name, the striking and unique Spanish bayonet or ‘dagger plant’ is not a knife nor from Spain.

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Mike Adams: North America's smallest bird summers here

Centuries ago, their plumage was used to adorn Native American ceremonial costumes. Even today, some people believe that the hummingbird’s... Read more

Mike Adams: Sturgeon: A rare St. Johns River prehistoric fish

Sturgeons are among the most primitive of the bony fishes. Their origins date back over 70 million years. Their body surface contains five rows of... Read more

Mike Adams: Florida sandhill crane may bo our tallest bird

Sandhill cranes are the most common of all the world’s cranes.

Some evidence points to cranes as the oldest known bird species surviving on... Read more

Mike Adams: Patience and binoculars required for right whale watching off Atlantic coast

The North Atlantic right whale, one of the most endangered marine mammals on the planet, returns each winter to spawning/calving grounds off the... Read more

Mike Adams: The Florida black bear — a recovery success story if managed properly

Biologists have been researching and monitoring Florida black bears for decades. Bear populations declined to low levels through the 1970s and... Read more

Mike Adams: Vultures are misunderstood

Early naturalists, William Bartram in 1774 and John James Audubon in 1832, explored and documented the natural resources they encountered in the... Read more

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