Donny Brazile to perform during Music in the Box

Donny Brazile will perform from 6 to 9 p.m. Sunday at the Limelight Theatre, 11 Old Mission Ave. The performance is a part of Limelight Theatre’s Music in the Box series. 


Brazile is a musician, teacher, community education instructor and professor at Flagler College. He will perform his Indian Summer concert Sunday. 

He says the concert is a reflection on life. 

“It’s about the people I love. The places I have been. The pursuits of happiness,” he says. “The songs I’ve sung — and continue to sing. It’s a performance scrapbook for a would-be rock star. Ego firmly in check, this project — my Indian Summer — is more about posterity than popularity.” 

Throughout the concert, Brazile attempts to be honest at both his successes and failures. 

“My life has been peppered with provisional successes and full of understandable failures … I have been rejected by some of the biggest names in showbiz,” he says. “I have met some of the best people on the planet and have a handful of the best friends on Earth. I have angered plenty, hurt more than I care to mention, and have inspired as many to think. To hope. To dream. To work. To make this world — and their lives — a little bit better than the original packaging.” 

The concert also takes inspiration from Brazile’s travels. 

“My travels have carried me near and far. I have been lucky enough to play with some of the most talented musicians in every hamlet, burg and village I have lived,” he says. 

Brazile also reflects on his life as a family man and professor. 

Admission to the show is $5. 

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