Keith Fuller: Many plants are symbols of friendship

The other day I ran into a friend while I was in a store checkout line in Jacksonville. I reflected how nice it was to bump into him, even though he didn’t pay for my purchase as I suggested.


That got me to thinking about plants that symbolize friendship and how you can communicate such by giving a friend a plant.

Much plant symbolism is based in mythology and folklore.

Different plants can invoke different emotions such as love, deceit, purity or friendship.

Ivy symbolizes friendship and fidelity.

When it grows on a wall, it seems to make the wall stronger, enhancing its strength. This is why it represents a strong friendship. Because it also symbolizes fidelity, it is often included as a filler in bridal bouquets.

Iris is said to express faith and wisdom.

Through friendship, we learn to be faithful, and as friends grow older together, hopefully, they become wiser. If not about life, then about each other.

The color of a rose blossom offers varied symbolic meaning.

A yellow rose imparts sunny feelings of warmth and happiness. Giving a friend yellow roses will express to them the appreciation and joy that a valued friend imparts.

If you have a close friend of many years, give them an arborvitae shrub. It represents unchanging friendship. Arborvitae tend to be carefree plants when planted in the right spot and the right friendship can be carefree, too.

Lastly, zinnias express thoughts of absent friends. Since zinnias, at the appropriate time of year, grow just about anywhere in the nation, send a packet of seeds to a far away friend. This will show your friend you are thinking of them.

Reach out to a friend by giving them a symbolic plant or seeds. Close friends should not be taken for granted and nice thoughts can be contagious.