Evacuation decision expected before Saturday for St. Johns County

Voluntary evacuation recommended for those living on barrier islands, low-lying areas, waterfront properties

All administrative offices for St. Johns County, the City of St. Augustine, and the City of St. Augustine Beach will be closed Friday. Operational decisions beyond Friday will be determined based on weather conditions by the end of the day Friday.

St. Johns County and the municipalities anticipate and are planning for a mandatory evacuation of barrier islands, low-lying areas, and waterfront properties. In anticipation of a mandatory evacuation, voluntary evacuations are encouraged at this time and shelter planning is in process. Should a mandatory evacuation occur and weather conditions warrant, water and sewer services may be suspended on the barrier islands to protect the integrity of the water system.

Announcements regarding a mandatory evacuation and shelter openings will be made prior to Saturday. Residents with questions regarding Hurricane Irma are encouraged to call the St. Johns County Emergency Operations hotline at 824-5550 or visit www.sjcfl.us/hurricane for more information.