TRUMP IN ST. AUGUSTINE: Republican candidate urges voters to hit the polls and vote

Amid news that he is slipping in a number of national polls, Donald Trump appeared at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre on Monday afternoon to rally supporters and tell them he thinks he’s still on top.


“We’re winning,” Trump told a standing-room-only crowd after making his way onto the stage just after 3 p.m.

The rally came just one day after Trump campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, appeared on “Meet the Press” and told NBC’s Chuck Todd, “We are behind.” The remark was in response to results from an ABC News tracking poll that showed Trump trailing Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton by 12 points.

Not to be deterred, Trump told supporters at the Monday rally that the Investors Business Daily tracking poll, which he touted as “the most accurate poll from the last three presidential elections,” had him up two points over Clinton.

But that poll, updated early Monday morning, showed Trump and Clinton locked in a dead-heat at 41 percent each.









A Real Clear Politics average of national polls (which includes both the Investors Business Daily poll and ABC News) has Clinton leading Trump by 5 points. Of the nine polls used in the average, only the Rasmussen Reports poll shows Trump leading. On Monday, he was up 43 to 41 in that poll.

Held on the day early voting began in St. Johns County, the rally at the Amphitheatre was clearly intended to motivate supporters to get to the polls and vote.

Duval County GOP chair, Cindy Graves, told supporters that, with a strong turnout in the northern part of the state, Republicans could “wipe out South Florida” and secure Florida’s electoral votes for Trump. She urged those in attendance to make sure they got friends and other supporters to vote by Nov. 8.

“It’s up to you to start your own personal campaign,” she said.

Graves was among a number of speakers to appear before Trump took the stage. Others included St. Johns County Republican Party chair, Bill Korach; Rep. Ron DeSantis; Republican hopeful for the 4th Congressional District and former Jacksonville Sheriff, John Rutherford; and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.










The speakers railed against President Barack Obama’s administration, the Affordable Care Act and the Clinton email server controversy that has dogged her campaign for more than a year.

Once he made his way to the stage, Trump spent about 20 minutes of his 45 minutes attacking Clinton and the “corrupt system” that he claims is shoring up her campaign.

“The system is corrupt, and it’s rigged, and it’s broken,” Trump said as the crowd shouted “corrupt media” and “the media is corrupt.”







Trump called members of the media “thieves” and “crooks” as the crowd turned to reporters and photographers in the press area and booed.

“Without the dishonesty and deceit of the media, Hillary Clinton would be nothing,” he said.

“The media isn’t just against me,” he added later. “They are against all of you.”










As he wound down his attacks, Trump shifted to listing what he plans to do if voters send him to the Oval Office. Among those promises were a Constitutional amendment to impose term limits, a renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement that was signed into law by President Bill Clinton, labeling China a “currency manipulator” and repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act which is often referred to as “Obamacare.”

Immigration, which has been a hot-button issue for his campaign, also got some attention with Trump promising the “suppression of the Syrian refugee program” as well as canceling federal funding for “sanctuary cities” and removing “criminal aliens” from the country.

Later in his remarks, responding to shouts from crowd, Trump also renewed his promise to build a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“We’re going to build a wall, don’t worry about it,” he said.








As he wrapped up his remarks, Trump promised to strengthen the country’s military, support law enforcement and select justices for the U.S. Supreme Court “in the mold of Justice (Antonin) Scalia,” before reiterating the calls for voters to hit the polls.

“With a victory in November, everything will change,” Trump said. “Leave here today and vote.”

Lisa Averill More than 1 year ago
Mr. Trump said ALOT of the media are thieves and crooks not ALL of them.  Get your facts straight.   Which, is a frank and honest statement supported by the OBVIOUS trend in national media against Trump from the onset.

If the media were being fair and impartial in their stories, Clinton wouldn't be in the running anymore.   Her criminal activity, not to mention the criminal conduct of her spouse during and since his tenure, is rarely mentioned amidst the negative slant or jeering tone of the national media against Trump. So, yes, journalism is not serving Americans when they choose to follow  personal agendas instead of impartially reporting facts on ALL the candidates' misnomers.

BTW, China DOES manpulate money.  I lived and taught in China three years.  When I left, my salary was mandatorily deposited into a BOC account.  I had to find a Chinese friend to sign out for me my OWN money and three days later, I had my cash.   My Chinese friend told me how China hoards hundreds of millions of American currency in their vaults which never see the light of day again. If that's not a form of manipulation, I don't know what is.  Additionally, may I make it clear I love China and her people with my entire heart, but even most Chinese do not agree with their government practices.  They just can't say so out loud.
RICHARD Z More than 1 year ago
The media is extremely bias. It's amazing how people don't believe it. They will believe a democratic politician over hard facts. Hillary was fed questions for debates, and there's emails showing proof. The person who did it denied it. Those emails were verified as real by a tech firm. FoxNews isn't unbiased, but they report all the news, but just negative Trump news. Go find wikileak emails on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, you name it. You won't. Why? American's have gotten so lazy we don't even want to research facts, we leave it up to media. People need to realize 95% of the media outlets are heavily democratic.

Beatriz Durand More than 1 year ago
And you believe trump is not a criminal? All of the people he has stiffed and not paid for work they have done. His ties with the Russians and his creepy adoration of Putin. His condemnation of illegals and then he uses them himself in his home and on his construction sites. The people he took money from for his bogus trump university. The money he took for his "natural health products and vitamins" that proved not to contain the ingredients listed on the label. His adultery times two. And if that is not enough, just read the article in today's Record on how he misrepresented his real estate property in New York's SOHo district. These are not just stories written and reported by the media. These are facts you can access in public records. PLEASE stop watching only Fox and do your own research.
Sadie Deplorable More than 1 year ago
We have to know if the company was getting paid per job on schedule, you also have to know if union labor was involved and they usually try to go over budget to get more money and Trump doesn't play that game.  Go by the contract or don't get paid.  There's always three sides to the story.  NYC  Northeast is very unionized.
Beatriz Durand More than 1 year ago
Dumb is forever and refuse to look at the facts. Trump plays the con game plain and simple. And for the record, unions did much for our country ....look it up if you dare!
Nancy Plummer More than 1 year ago
Trump has said he admires Putin as a strong leader, that Putin is "for" Russia. Not that he agrees with everything Putin says or does. We don't currently have a leader that is "for" America, in case you haven't noticed. Everything Obama does is against our interests as a country and as Americans.
Beatriz Durand More than 1 year ago
So Putin is a strong leader because? He eliminates (often literally) people who disagree with him....hum, who does that sound like?Just think about how trump reacts to negative comments about him...even the slightest negative sends him over the top. Imagine him on the international stage...the man will distroy any relationships we currently have in the world. And I think you are ignoring Trump's view of women.
ROSE EDWARDS More than 1 year ago
Mr Trump said most of the media. This is what he is talking about. In your newspaper the article said hundreds of people showed up. Let's see the Amphitheater holds over four thousand people, it was full plus people standing. Out side there were also a few thousand that couldn't get in. Yeah the line was a half of mile long, but all day long. So get your story straight. What amazed me were the people driving by the line honking horns yelling Trump,Trump, all thumbs up. Great day supporting a great man. Can't believe you people live in this country, and side with such a corrupt woman. Trump 2016
Nigel Owens More than 1 year ago
Soon we can watch president Trump on Trump TV just like Putin on Putin TV (Ooops, I mean Russian TV) .   If a sitting president owns a media network, is that a conflict of interest?  How long before it's official state TV? Maybe they'll have live feeds from his mythical "Wall"  So Emperor Cheeto will have his kids run his global business interests in a 'blind trust",..... hmmm,... yeah, what could go wrong with that? 
Sadie Deplorable More than 1 year ago
Putin is friendly with Hillary no Trump.  Hillary went over to make a deal with Putin he put money in her pocket.
Nigel Owens More than 1 year ago
According to Emperor Eima Cheeto He and Putin were best bud "stablemates", besides he said nice things about him. Of course about 10% of Trump's campaign team are ex - Putin operatives (oops I mean employees)  
Beatriz Durand More than 1 year ago
Here you go again...defending the in-defendable! Where do you get your info from...let me
David Francis More than 1 year ago

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Beatriz Durand More than 1 year ago
Please don't take a gun to the polls because you will look more foolish than you sound.
Lisa Averill More than 1 year ago
And there is a picture of Trump's airplane because ... ?  What about Air Force One jetsetting all over the nation for party campaign purposes, appearances in late night shows, etc.?  On taxpayer money to fuel their agenda?
Beatriz Durand More than 1 year ago
Who do you think is paying LARGE for trump's security? And he has not and hopefully will not hold office nor done anything for our country except embarrass us in the world community.
More than 1 year ago
You are reading way too much into the was simply a photo of him arriving at our airport...haha