St. Augustine PZB will take up townhome project on Comares Ave. after community meeting


A waterfront project on Comares Avenue that was once planned as condominiums, then a hotel and is now slated for townhomes is still a few weeks away from being completely unveiled at a Planning and Zoning Board meeting.


The St. Augustine PZB allowed ownership of the project, led by Bryan Greiner, to continue the formal presentation to the board until the next meeting, which will be Aug 1.

City staff had not been able to review the new plans prior to Tuesday’s meeting, so changes that call for a 34-unit townhome development with 34 boat slips and garages could not possibly have been approved yet.

However, Greiner and his team did reveal some details of the plans and explained why they are coming before the board again after getting approval for a condo development last year that contained 30 units and 30 boat slips on Salt Run.

He said the townhome project goes from two large buildings to three smaller ones and adds regular garages instead of underground parking. Greiner said flooding from Hurricane Matthew made it clear that subterranean parking was not a good option for the property.

PZB members debated the merits of hearing the entire proposal but decided to wait until August, in part because three board members were absent Tuesday.

“I thought what’s currently approved was a really nice project,” PZB member Carl Blow said.

But Greiner said he thinks the board and the neighbors will like the new project even better when they see all the details. The ownership group is also taking the board’s advice and presenting its plans to the neighbors.

They are hosting a meeting at 5 p.m. July 25 at the Shores Room in Blackfly The Restaurant on Anastasia Boulevard for anyone who wants more information on the proposal.

“We’re eager to get some feedback and be good neighbors,” Greiner said.

He said it was pushback from the neighbors that caused him to back off the hotel plan. There was a lot of interest from the hotel industry, Greiner said, but those who lived in the area told him that a quality residential development was preferred.

The new project is something that he thinks will be popular with buyers and current residents in the nieghborhood. He described the style as being “Key West.”

“We think it’s a very valuable property,” Greiner said. “We’re committed to building it out.”

Greiner is the chief investment officer for the Augustine Development Group, which announced plans for the Comares condo project about a year ago. It also announced its involvement with plans to build the Lotus Inn & Suites at 5 Prawn St. and a La Quinta at 215 Anastasia Blvd.