Unique Yet Effective Ways To Improve The Life-Span Of Vape-Kits

How can you increase the lifespan of your best vape kits in Dubai? Besides avoiding overly-sweet e-liquids, you can prime your coils to ensure a longer lifespan. Priming a new coil requires you to wait five minutes after you prime it before vaping. Manual priming is also an option. However, many people don’t know how to do it. In this article, we will explain the process in detail.

Prime a vape kit

Learning to prime a coil to extend its lifespan is crucial when using a new kit. Failure to prime a coil can result in an unpleasant burnt taste or an entirely ruined coil. Proper coil priming will extend its lifespan, prevent coil burnout, and increase the overall quality of your vaping experience. In addition, proper priming can help prevent expensive coil replacement.

Clean your e-cig battery

One of the easiest ways to increase the life of your e-cig kit is to clean the battery often. You can do this using a cotton swab or q-tip soaked in rubbing alcohol. If the battery threads are dirty, the battery will not be able to connect properly, which can damage the cells. Also, remember to clean the air holes regularly.

Avoid super-sweet e-liquids

Choosing an e-liquid that contains a low amount of added sugars is vital if you want to maximize the life of your vape kit. Many cheaper e-liquids contain added sweeteners, which can wear down the coil. Furthermore, super-sweet e-liquids tend to cause the coil to clog up more quickly and reduce their life expectancy. Aside from this, many vapers also dry-burn the coil to keep it clean. This method causes the coil to degrade more quickly, leading to shortened life.

Lower your wattage settings

When it comes to the lifespan of your vape kits, lower your wattage settings to extend their lifespan. Vapers used to high-wattage vaping will often burn through their coils quickly. By lowering your wattage, you can prolong your coils’ lifespan. However, a higher wattage setting is better if you want maximum vaporization.

Avoid buying from untrustworthy sellers

You may have noticed a decrease in the longevity of your vape if you’ve been buying from untrustworthy sellers. It’s important to remember that off-brand coils are cheaper and may not function well right out of the box. Always buy coils from the original manufacturer, so you’re assured of their quality. Also, branded equipment has a lower failure rate than cheaper products.